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    I have been impressed the more I have read the post on this forum.
    I need sanity check on my system to be.
    What we have.
    In service now..2.5T Heil-Quaker Dual fuel package unit. I worked in the lab at H/Q and we built three of these units for test. I use propane below 32deg as back up.
    This unit was available. I replaced a 2T that was doing well.
    Now my unit is a little over 15 years old. I feel death is around the corner. At H/Q I dealt with field failure analysis. We built this unit of mine from lab scrap. I feel as though the end is near.
    I ran heat load/loss calcs and came up with 22K BTU gain cooling and as I remember about 55K BTU loss for heating. It has been about 25 years since I ran these calculations. I sent them to a friend in the business. He made a couple of changes and came up with lower values all the way around. He agreed a Tranquility 026 is the unit we need. His company will quote me the unit with one day of labor to check my work. Waiting on the quote now.
    I contacted several drillers on a list developed by the state of TN. as licensed drillers. I live very remote and most did not want to come or be contracted by the homeowner. I met with a driller yesterday. With a little tractor work on my part, he can get his rig to our house.
    He will bore the holes for $1950 a ton. He will bore a 6" hole. GeoClips are adders as is Thermax grouting. I am looking into that now. Ideas anyone? His job will finish when he hooks up to the Flow Center and purges. He will do low temp protection with 20% methanol mix.
    I will set the unit and do the ducting, power, HWG piping, and drains. I am hoping I can do the water in and water out from the circ pumps. This will allow me to have some run time on the system before my day of labor come into play.
    Major Question:
    Without knocking out a closet wall, I need to use a horizontal unit in my crawl space. The cs is uninsulated. Will the unit condense on it's exterior?
    Minor Questions:
    Methanol OK?
    Is there something I am missing?
    My electric bill is influenced by an indoor heated pool in a separate building. My wife has spinal cord damage and it is for her to exercise. Not big but it is on a heatpump. One day I may go GEO on that. I also have heating and cooling in a seperate building where I have a small taxidermy shop. My lower utility bills will be tempered by the expense of these two extras. Were I to shut them down, I would expect a good percentage deduct in my utilities.
    Sanity check any one?
    Thanks to the forum. It is a good service to the industry.
    PS I work for an automation control company. I have controls in the pool building and the taxidermy shop. I will be able to install transducers and sensors on the new unit. I will be able to trend the data to produce a strong history of performance.

    Thanks again, Steve
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    Heat pumps have some "sweat" most anywhere you put them. If this is an unconditioned space however, I'm not sure the HWG is a good fit.
    These things weigh hundreds of pounds- horizontals aren't too fun to play with.
    Wells must have grout, though "enhanced" grout or clips, yet to prove value.
  3. StevieB

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    Thanks for the info. I don't mind adding some wrap to help minimize condensation. I have checked the weight. It comes in at 275 pounds.
    What is the hesitation on the HWG? It does just so happen the water heater is with in a few feet of the location of the new unit. Thanks again Joe.
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  4. AMI Contracting

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    If crawl space is conditioned then I have no problem with HWG.
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    Where are you in TN? I'm in Spring Hill and I plan to install my horizontal loop field this weekend.

    Why did you choose wells over horizontal loops?

  6. StevieB

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    Jake, I am in Ashland City. Why vertical? I just mulled it over and I had worries about: Rock? how clean did the dirt need to be to cover the pipe.
    How deep? I ran an underground primary for electrical service to the next hill for my daughter. It was 4' deep. We did hit what appeared to be bed rock at 3 1/2 feet in a couple of spots.
    I do know of some horizontal loops that have on occasion been unable to achieve a DeltaT because of extreme drought. Each of these systems has recovered and are running fine.
    Although I have a few acres, I would have to dig up the bulk of everything not wooded.
    The driller will come in and three days he will be finished and if I have the unit set, he will purge the entire system and I should be ready to sart up. At least those are my plans. No yard to grade or replant.
    If I had level pasture, I would have done horizontal. It would be a few dollars cheaper and with good dirt it would probably have done very well.
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