Replacing hot water heater and storage; purging air

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by PatD, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. PatD

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    Need to replace my gas hot water heater, and while I'm at it, replacing the storage tank as well. Have done some reading on here and understand it's pretty damn important to purge air from the water lines once done. There is a ball valve below the T that heads to the HWG.

    I assume I just need to fill both tanks, then close that ball valve and run a hot water faucet until no more air.

    That simple?

    Also need to look at the pump and see how to shut it down so the AC in the house keeps running but the pump doesn't while I have water shut down to it. I know there's either a dip switch or just hard wired (Tranquility 27).
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    That's the idea. Some units also have a bleeder valve on the DSH pump inside the cabinet that can be burped to remove air. Waterfurnace units do, and the install manual describes it. I've never messed with mine since the initial install, because it's not very accessible.
  3. PatD

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    Thanks. Job's all done, no issues. Did close the valve going directly to the tank and ran the hot faucet. No air coming out though. System hasn't run yet (Been too cool out) so will check it soon enough.
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