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    I'm planning to replace my 3.5 ton Addison in the next few months. It's a snug fit in the closet where it's located. A new Envision cabinet has the same approximate measurements and could be made to fit except for the fact that the water lines for it come out on the right side where elbows on them would interfere with the closet door. On the Addison, the lines come out below the return opening. Are there any models or brands that offer a 2 speed compressor in 3.5 or 4 ton sizes with supply lines below the return?
  2. Palace GeoThermal

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    Hydron and Geocomfort both have the water connections below the return air
  3. woodbutcher

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    Thanks, Dewayne.
  4. woodbutcher

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    I've decided to get a split system to replace the package unit. I'm hoping it will help somewhat with the noise issues in the living room. The compressor and desuperheater will be in the attic, suspended from rafters. The variable speed blower will fit with room to spare in the closet. To get the right configuration in the airmover, it will be American Standard. The compressor will be GeoComfort, 4 ton, 2 speed.
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    Open or closed loop?
    If open, fluid in an attic is a red flagg for us if climate ever reaches freezing. We have also had mixed results with cubes hung in attics or from the roof rafters/trusses as vibrations transmit and do wierd things that annoy customers.
    hope this helps
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    Climatemaster is coming out with a new 2-stage unit in smaller cabinet, well it is out but they are not shipping yet, might be worth waiting for..
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    Good to know. Thanks.
  8. AMI Contracting

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    If you are going split, you could put pump outside.
  9. woodbutcher

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    Yes, I hadn't thought of that. I think it will be simpler to put it in the attic.

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