Pennsylvania Replaced older Climate Master Thermostat w/ new Honeywell - did I do this correct?

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    I replaced my older Climate Master Thermostat w/ a new Honeywell Thermostat, I am concerned because the wires don't quite match, and the directions instruct me to STOP and call a professional! The LCD display on the Climate Master stopped working.

    The new thermostat is for Heat Pumps that include Auxiliary Heat.

    Attached are pictures of the old wires/locations, new wires/locations, and the directions for the new thermostat.

    The Climate Master had: G, C, R, Y jumped to W1, W2 jumped to L, and O.

    The Honeywell has O, G, Y, W, R. The pictures shows how it has been wired the last few days, and everything seems to be working fine, it does call for the auxiliary heat MUCH more often than the old one (we use a fireplace on the weekends/evenings sometimes), so I just turned off my auxiliary heat breakers.

    I know that my old unit was wired to allow both "Emergency" and "Auxiliary" options to run the backup heat and my NEW unit only does "Auxiliary".

    Step 4 in the directions tells me to stop it my old thermostat has Y1, W1, W2 - well I have all three!

    Did I wire this correctly?

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    Probably easiest just telling us the model of heat pump and thermostat you want wired to it.
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    Interesting...I have a ClimateMastr TZ22 with a Honeywell thermostat that handles an auxillary furnace. I was thinking of changing to a climatemaster. So why the decision to change?
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