Replace compressor or entire unit--what's best for a 20-yr old Waterfurnace?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Ichthyoman, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Hi all

    I have circa 1994 Waterfurnace, model # ATV045D110CRT, that is showing signs of trouble. Recently, we had some very cold temps here in the Pacific Northwest and my discharge line for my open loop froze. So, no water-to-air for a few days, mostly aux heat. It has warmed up a bit and now water is flowing again. But now, I've noticed that the "low pressure" light is blinking--and this morning, when my compressor was turning on, it made a loud, banging, unfamiliar noise and then quit. The water was flowing, the fan was running, and I assume I was on aux heat. After 20 yr, I think my compressor may have bit the dust. All in all, I have to say the unit has ran pretty good over the years--no major repairs until recently (see my earlier posts!).

    So, I'm seeking advice on whether to replace/repair the compressor (is that even possible?), or has my luck run out and should I be researching a new unit. I have a service tech coming out next week, so I'm hoping I can get a firm diagnosis on the problem. I have turned the power on and off to the unit a couple of times to reset it, to no avail. So, now I have water flowing again but no compressor! Thanks in advance for any advice or comments.


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    A 20 year old machine is at the end of it's life expectancy. You will have to weigh the repair cost vs replacement to determine best value.
    My best guess would be to put the repair money into a down payment. Get a new, more efficient machine w/a 10 parts AND labor warranty.

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    Tax credits make few expensive repairs a good idea (vs replacement).

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