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    Hi, here's another newbie to the Forums. I have two FHP units in an open loop, well-based system that was installed about 14 years ago when we had 30 gpm from our well. That lasted about 4 or 5 years before there was no longer enough water or recovery time to use the well. As a temporary measure, we had heat strips installed. Now, we want to get the system going in a closed-loop, horizontal mode.

    The FHP units are models GT 048- 1VTC (3 1/2 tons) and a GT 030-1VTC (2 tons). The blowers have been working fine with the heat strips, but the compressors and water portion of the units have been sitting idle for about ten years.

    Is it possible for these older FHP units to be reactivated and drive a horizontal, slinky set up without costing as much (or more) than new units?

    For a horizontal heat exchanger (I'm thinking of a slinky), the carport slab measures 28' long x 22' wide and is just 10' from the house. The driveway is the same width and distance from the house, and there's 75' of it from the front edge of the carport slab.

    Your thoughts and suggestions will be welcome.

    David in NC
  2. Palace GeoThermal

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    If you are thinking of running slinkies in your driveway, it doesn't sound like you have enough room.
  3. dawei

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    I suspect that you are correct, Dewayne. I was told I'd need three trenches, each 6-7' deep, 3' wide and 200' long with 10' between them. That's based on our older FHP units with a total of 6 1/2 tons. Do those calc seem correct?
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    I agree with Dewayne that you'll likely need more room than you mentioned.
    I think you need to get bids/ideas from are pros.
    If you don't have anyone in mind, look for certified installers on the IGSHPA (international ground source heat pump assoc.) site.
    Good Luck,
  5. dawei

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    Many thanks, Dewayne and Joe, for your thoughts on my project!

    Here's another one for you. The larger (4 ton) FHP pump is going to be replaced with a new one. I'm thinking about what to do with the smaller, 2ton FHP (GT 030-1VTC) which ran for about 4-5 years when it was new, but it has been sitting idle for ten years. If it turns out that the pump still works, which I understand to mean that its compressor is still functioning, would you think that it can continue working for an extended time, or does it mean that compressor may work for awhile, but not very long since it has been idle for ten years?

    Of coarse, this leads to my question of if it works when started up, should I use it with the new, closed loop system and new 4-ton, or should I look at replacing it along with the 4-ton even if it does work when started up again?.

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