Ontario Recommended Thermometer/Pressure Gauges for PT Port

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  1. Andrew Kulin

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    I am looking for quality temperature and pressure gauges to use on my Waterfurnace system PT ports. Looking for accuracy and digital readout (temperature for sure, I don't know if that is available or even recommended for pressure). And if such a unit exists, a unit that can provide both measurements would be nice.

    In terms of pricing, I am looking for quality, but I am a homeowner and so do not want to pay for pro-level equipment. So something that sits in around the 80% range of quality (where the top of the line instrument is 100%), but where pricing is not stupid high, if that makes sense.

  2. waterpirate

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    Hi and welcome!
    For temperature I like to use the infrared gauges on the brass that the PT ports are located in. Painting a black dot on them with some paint or nail polish will help eliminate reflective readings. For pressure you will need a PT port adapter and attach the pressure gauge of your choice for accuracy. Hope this helps.
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    Gotta throw a flag on that one...I disagree with use of IR on piping. Cooper Atkins reduced tip food grade thermometers work really well with PT ports and are available on Amazon for sub $30.

    As to pressure readings, sport ball inflation needles plumbed to halfway decent pressure gauges work well for minimal money. Ashcroft gauges are good and relatively inexpensive, again from Amazon.
  4. Andrew Kulin

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    I have attached a photo of one of my furnace's P/T ports. Want to confirm that all I need to do is to unscrew that cap in order to expose the port I don't want to find out that by opening up this cap that In accidentally cause loop fluids to startn spraying around the basement while the unit is running.

    Also, the owner manual says that I should use water based lubricant on the needle probes before inserting them into the port. Does that really need to be done? What kind of water based lubricant would I need to buy at the local hardware store? (small town in cottage country so I expect a limited selection of stuff)


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    Inside the p/t port is a self-closing seal that allows your temp or pressure probe to pass through. If it's in good shape, you will not have any fluid come out when the cap is removed. I've never used any lubricant other than what I use on the inflator needle for basketballs. :p
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    I am not able to get any pressure readings from the P/T port with the new gauge that I purchased. I find it difficult to push the needle through the port, maybe a 1/4 to 1/2 inch at most. There is methanol mix on the tip of the gauge but pressure needle does not move at all. Gauge is glycerin filled and I equalized the pressure after the first attempt atv measurement failed, to no effect.

    So what am I doing wrong, or is it possoble my gauge is DOA? (Brand/Model = Winters/PFQ803 (0-60 psi))

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  7. Stickman

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    At about 1/2" deep inside the p/t port is where the seal is in my own. Requires slight pressure to push through it. The gauge then goes all the way in to where I could screw it down.
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