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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by BenWoj42, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. BenWoj42

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    Hey Everyone. Been a while since I've poked my head in here as things have been going well with our geothermal system. I have a question though about our recent electric bill. We just received last months electric bill and it was double what it normal is for this time. Last year at this time, the average temp was 31 Deg and our bill was about $90, this year, the average temp was 29, but our bill was over $200. We don't normal get a bill like that till mid Jan/Feb when we get into the single digits. Is there something I should be look at that may be causing this drastic change?

    Thanks for any help,

  2. gsmith22

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    if you have electric resistance heat packs installed in the unit(s), I would look there first (assuming your POCO's billing rate didn't double). That tends to be the reason for sudden spikes in electric use. Board will need alot more data points to determine why they were on vs your heat pump's refrigeration cycle providing heat.
  3. docjenser

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    what is the the actual power consumption, not the $$$ amount. What is your base consumption, lets say in October?
  4. BenWoj42

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    Went back to compare billing and charges.
  5. BenWoj42

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    I compared the KWH to last years price (14% difference) and it looks like my bill would of been about $20 more than normal and the big change is the price hike. Unless theirs anything you see that you would concerned about, I guess its just the price hike that killed us.
  6. docjenser

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    it is with the variance of a normal operating system.
    Enjoy the geo system!
  7. Neokane

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    I can tell you that with my geo, things such as strong consistent winds and temperature extremes can make the difference in kWh usage on my geo.
    Average temp for a month is a nice number to compare year over year, but there are other variables like extended temps at the lower end that can rack up the kWh's pretty quick and not be equally offset by the lack of usage when temps are on the higher side of average. Unfortunately it isn't a linear scale when temps are colder and winds are blowing.

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