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Discussion in 'Geothermal Heat Pump Applications' started by GCI, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. GCI

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    Other than slab embedded tubing in gypsum overpour or a sub-floor solution like warmboard, are there other ways to install in-floor radiant on above grade levels? Trying to avoid a boiler with staple-up.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Mark Custis

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    One can do what ever one wants to do. Floors, walls, ceilings. It all works if done correctly.
  3. GCI

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    Thanks Mark. Do you have any specific methods for in-floor other than the options already mentioned?
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  5. GCI

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  6. Mark Custis

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    I like the low profile of the Rehau

    product. We have used it under tile and hardwood. I have seen it used on walls here in Cleveland.

    We designed and installed "test house #1" for the Watts radiant flexible graphite product. We used it as staple up and it installs very quickly. Just finished the first winter and it works very well even with out our under floor insulation in place. I think one could use it as an above sub floor system with sleepers.
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    Good to have options

    I'm currently leaning toward the rehau product. I want to retrofit the bedrooms in my basement with radiant. My girls' room is always a few degrees colder than the main level in the winter.

    It would be nice to set my forced air a few degrees lower (65 is perfect for sleeping IMO) while still being able to keep my girls warm...

    The only thing left would be to convince the wife to let me set t-stat at 65 when she wants it at 80 :D
  8. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    If you go with radiant

    I am sure your wife will be happy at least at 68* and do not forget to tell her about the 30% savings in the delivery system. We set the air temp in a project we did in Valley city Ohio at 62* any warmer and we are all working naked.
  9. GCI

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    Good stuff.

    What started out as a question for a consulting project turned into a great idea for my place. Don't know why it didn't occur to me before but pretty excited right now.
  10. geome

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    You might be able to use the thermostat temperature offset to your advantage. :)
  11. Mark Custis

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    SD is a bit out of my AOO

    But let me know if I can lend a hand.

    Try the RPA, was the Radiant Panel Association, but they changed the name, intials are still the same. They have a good BB, slower than here but some great information to be gained for the reading.

    There are two GREAT guys to check out, one is Robert Bean in CA, he is doing radiant cooling among other great stuff, and his site is full of great e-books and read on site stuff. The best educator and theorist for water heating and cooling is John Seigenthaler, (SP?) PE, he has a good site and lots of good reading in Plumbing & Mechanical which is a trade rag and/or an E-zine.

    There is a company called MultiAqua and they have a great e-read on hydronic cooling as well a a good free download design program that is their work plus Johnny White's Taco group and some from Watts Radiant.

    When your eyes hurt or your mind has absorbed all that your sit upon can endure, give me a call. 440.223.0840.

    I love radiant delivery, and pond loops.

  12. Mark Custis

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    Sorry CGI

    I am now in your debt. You have trained one of my young jedi's.

    How may I serve you?

    I owe Zach and Zach owes you. Life is indeed a circle.

    Please call or PM me here. We are about to leave Cleveland and help a great family in Delaware County, Ohio convert from propane scorched air to Geo-Hydro with chilled water cooling and radiant floors or walls. I will respond in a timely mannor as I am taking my fishing gear, but even with the G4 phone tether to the lap top I will be doing some plumbing.

    I will attach a photo of what I do.


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  13. zach

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    I sat thru the Heatspring geothermal installer's certification class you taught a few weeks back in New Jersey.

    Happy to report I passed....thanks. I was the grey haired guy who sat up front.

    Mark and I have done business previously. He knows his stuff regarding radiant.
  14. docjenser

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  15. GCI

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    Very happy to hear you passed. Great work!

    Appreciate the offer Mark. It is one I will definitely take you up on. Once I get everything in order I'll drop you a line. Thanks!
  16. GCI

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    I have a copy of four manuals from the RPA (Theory & Installation, Application & Design, Advanced Design & Control, Design Guidelines). Did Siegenthaler write those?

    I think we bought them a few years back, so I'm not sure we have the latest versions. It sounds like I need to check out those sites and see what I can dig up as well.
  17. Mark Custis

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    He writes a lot, about what he did to his Family, learning what he knows. I have never seen him in person, but I read anything he writes. I do, so he may not know of me. He has guided what I do. I hope that I am a worthy student.

    Then there Is Dan H, who taught me everything I know about pumps. Hats off to GIL.

    The RPA stuff could be "siggy" and or Larry Drake, the founder or RPA. Both are good reads and the best at what they do. Larry sorry, I am old, and forgetful.

    I will keep my head and my hands on moving BTUH with fluids until I can not do that, then I will teach.

    In the mean time we are off in the AM, Steph will load the monster home while I go get the 1# of 410A I need as I was short today, and top off a job, then off to Valley City to find out why the second heat pump is unhappy in cooling. We may swing by Scott's house to see if the loop guy fixed it or I was wrong. Then down to near Columbus to continue an installation we started in March.

    Not to worry, if you need us call.

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  18. GCI

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    ASHRAE Journal

    If anyone gets the ASHRAE journal, there is an article in the most recent edition about a project in Regina, Saskatchewan that used wall panels for radiant heating and cooling. They're claiming a 38% savings with this delivery method over ASHRAE 90.1-2004.

    Unfortunately, they used condensing gas boilers for heating and chillers on a dry tower for cooling.

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