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    Just got a quote for my 4 year old house in Coatesville, PA. It's 3000 sq ft with an unfinished basement. Currently on a propane based heating system, which I run very minimally in the winter and summers to avoid high costs. Looking for opinions on the quote I got from a local contractor.

    Quote is as follows:

    Install packaged unit 4 ton dual stage Water Furnace envision series GSHP. We will install 10KW
    backup electric heater for supplemental heat. This includes:
    - Condensate removal system
    - Flow centers with piping from flow center to the compressor.
    - All electrical work required to install new system.
    - Programmable thermostat with intellastart option
    - Flushing and purging with proper mixture (15-20%) of methanol in the ground loop.
    - Comprehensive start & test of the new system by certified technicians
    - All hot water generator piping and a new Bradford White hot water heater

    Contractor will be responsible for drilling two (2) vertical boreholes 250’ deep. They will install a 1” geothermal u-bend HDPE pipe.
    Loop will be grouted with bentonite and anti skid stone.
    - Excavating supply and return lines from the loop field to the mechanical room and properly fusing the
    manifolds onto the ground loops.
    - Pressure testing ground loop with 60 psi prior to back filling.
    - Back-filling and compacting trenches.
    - Properly repairing and grading all disturbed areas on property due to to the construction of the ground loops.

    Total investment: $27,590

    Is this a fair price? Is Water Furnace reliable? Saw some info online where some people were complaining about design flaws in the unit.

    Anyone know if I can sell my current HVAC unit and water heater to help reduce my final cost? Not sure if there is a market for somewhat used HVAC units. Or a service to donate the units to?

    Thanks for any input in advance!
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    Don't know what going rate for geo is in your area.
    Every brand has a complaint or two, the common opinion here suggests that dealer is more important than brand.......get a good installer ande the rest will take care of itself.
    Good Luck,
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    Make sure you get a buffer tank for your domestic hot water. Otherwise the hot water generator will be close to worthless.

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