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    My compressor burned out on my geothermal heat pump. To replace the compressor my furnace man wants to charge me $3,000 with $1,000 for compressor $ the rest for labor and parts. The unit is way past warranty. It's a Climatemaster 3 ton, single stage, closed loop system.

    He says he can't guarantee this will work because the residue from the burn out, even though they flush the system, could get in the new compressor and create a failure. He's saying I should get a new furnace and quoted me a new Bosch or Bryant at $11,000 plus. I get the 30% Fed Tax credit but I don't pay tax so I can't benefit

    The problem is I can't afford to pay for a new furnace at that price. What about the new compressor option? Is there any other less expensive option for a new furmace?

    Would greatly appreciate your help

  2. AMI Contracting

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    With out knowing which compressor, a replacement is about $1,500 to $3,000 by the time you include replacement refrigerent, nitrogen, filter drier, flush kit etc. and about six man hours (3 hours for installer and installer's helper).
    If you don't have a tax burden have you looked at possible rebates.
    I would shop compressor and new unit both and see if you can't arrive at something you are comfortable with.
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    New Unit

    I saw that you are in need of a new unit. Where are you located and is this for a commercial application since you said you are tax exempt?
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    Shop around.

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