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Discussion in 'Quotes and Proposals' started by sixmm, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. sixmm

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    I am building a new house. I live in Kansas City and have gotten 3 quotes. One is thrown out because I don't think the dealer is capable.

    THe other two both quoted 10 tons. 6 tons for the basement and main floor with 4 tons on the upper level. I will be using batt insulation in the outer walls (2x6)

    Square Footage:
    Basement 1800
    Main Level 2400
    Upstairs 1450

    We will have automatic zoning separating the basement, mainlevel and master suite. We like the house to be 71 in the winter and 77 in the summer.

    We will finishing the basement for a while but wanted everything sized for it later.

    Does this sizing make sense? I expect that the 6 ton unit will do 80% of the work since we will not be using the upstairs that much either.
  2. AMI Contracting

    AMI Contracting A nice Van Morrison song Industry Professional Forum Leader

    get more quotes. 10 tons is at least 5 tons tooo much.
  3. Bergy

    Bergy Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    ...unless there is not going to be ANY insulation...:D

  4. engineer

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    While we are well-advised to avoid sizing by rule of thumb, I'll agree, site unseen, that 10 tons is way overkill for a KC house with less than 4 ksf above ground.

    Fiberglass batt insulation does one thing really well: arrive on site very cheaply.

    A reasonable building-science-based approach to a 4 ksf above ground house in KC could return a design load of 3-4 tons, no more. Investing in such will return in the form of far lower HVAC operating costs for the life of the home.

    I hope you are not intentionally specifying a big, energy-hogging Mcmansion - max square footage at dead minimum cost.

    Given the opportunity and space for ductwork, I would fully expect to zone such a house off a single system

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