North Carolina Question Regarding Supply Air Temperature

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    Hi. Hoping for some insight from owners who have had their system longer than I. We just had a series 7 WaterFurnace installed with an open loop system. It seems to run well and is more efficient than our old heat pumps, but I am a bit concerned that the supply air temp (see attached photo) is too high. With the unit set to cool, should it not be colder than this? Any and all input appreciated.

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  2. arkie6

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    Probably a bad supply air temperature indication. Have you checked the supply air temperature at a register with a thermometer to see if the measured temperature agrees with the indicated temperature?
  3. BrickCityBees

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    That is what I am hoping. I have ordered an infrared thermometer. I'll check and confirm as soon as it comes in.
  4. arkie6

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    I wouldn't trust the accuracy of an infrared thermometer (the readout depends on the emissivity of the object being measured). Just use a digital kitchen or meat thermometer stuck up in the vent.
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    Work with your Waterfurnace dealer/installer to sort out. Something is not right. It could be as simple as a missed placed or bad sensor. Or it could be any number of less obvious conditions.

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    While you are at it, ask them why your blower speed is set unusually high.
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