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  1. pauljvan

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    Contractor installed this job (first one they did). Many problems corrected but not sure about TACO pump direction here. See attached diagram and note TACO pump direction is towards domestic hot water storage tank. Seems to me it is fighting heating flow for entire system.???? REALLY interested in other opinions.

    File below.
    ps thanks gsmith22 for helping get this to better forum :)

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  2. ChrisJ

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    Yes it looks backwards from here. I think it is only messing with the DHW.

    Not sure why the 2 pumps in a row. Maybe the munchkin needs more flow.

    The munchkin out needs to be connected to the DHW in. Taco pump reversed or taken out. Figure out what/why is turning on that pump.

    I am just an amateur at plumbing and this is the internet....
  3. pauljvan

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    THANK YOU!!! It's not just me.

    Taco pump turned on by DHW t-stat thru Munchkin sending 120v to pump.
    I also thought DHW tank backwards (like the contractor who installed this system).
    Munchkin is 'backup' to Climatemaster. P2 controlled by Munchkin. P1 by house t-stat.
    P1 comes on if P2 comes on.

    Appreciate your input. Need to sleep on this. Big changes!!!
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    ChrisJ is our resident guru for DHW heating. He is just being modest....
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