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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by RonL, Apr 23, 2021.

  1. RonL

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    My hp plate states a RLA of 14.7 for the compressor and FLA of 1.8 for the fan. So I would have assumed while running I would have measured 16.5 Amps. Or at least close to that. I put in a energy monitor so I could see exactly what different things in the house were doing, and the hp shows 10.6 Amps. Any idea why the difference here ? Could the 16.5 be a max number ? It showed the watts as 2552 .
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    Does the heat pump have any staging or is a single stage compressor? How about the fan - one speed, multi-speed, variable, etc? If there is any staging on the compressor and if the fan is multi-speed, then you won't see RLA/FLA.
  3. RonL

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    Nope, single stage, single speed.
    But trying to investigate further it seems that the RLA is not running amps but a factor of the maximum amps needed to snap the breaker. As far as I can tell there is really nothing that definitively tells the running amps. As it all is dependent on other things (air temperature, water temperature, and other things I just dont remember) I know for my case everything is pretty constant, so 10.6 will be my rough average number. But it just makes it harder when considering replacement hp units for when this one finally does fail.
    It does hurt to see my well takes 5 amps to run, I may need to see if there are more efficiant well pumps out there. I was under the assumption that once the well started it would only pull 1 or 2 amps. ,(WRONG)

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