Illinois Question on Carrier Warranty

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    I have quotes from several dealers, including three dealers on a Carrier GT 5 ton unit. The first dealer gave me literature that clearly states that there is a 10 year parts 10 year labor warranty upon timely registration. The second dealer referred me to the Carrier website which states the same warrenty period. The third dealer did not offer any information about the warranty and when I asked him, he said that it was a 10 year parts 1 year labor warranty, I told him that the two other dealers said that the warranty was 10 years on labor. He said that he has to pay extra for the additional warranty period and he prefers to quote the 1 year labor warranty. He downplayed the additional warranty period by stating that the labor warranty is not a true warranty anyway as it does not cover items such as travel time, etc. The third dealer is very reputable and is used by a number of high-end home builders in this area. However, his explanation of the Carrier warranty bothers me. Comments by any Carrier dealers or customers would be appreciated.
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    Parts warranty, labour "allowance" basically. It's up to your dealer to decide whether or not that allowance is enough to cover the work. Hint- it's not, but many of us eat it.

    But if I have to drive 2 hours to replace a thermistor and the labour allowance is $35, you may see a bill.

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