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    I'm in the process of having a WF 5 series installed. When the guys showed up, I decoded the data plate and found this unit was not what it was supposed to be. I was originally told the company happened to have just what I needed in stock, it was an oops order and never installed so they could get me done quick. It had to go back and now I'm going to have to wait 12 weeks, so be it. My question is should I expect the next (new) furnace to come in its original box or shipping container? This one was unpacked when they brought it out. Thanks
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    One more question for those that know, the data plate on the furnace that they brought out was an NDV064, they called it a 5 ton. Wouldn't a 5 ton be a NDV060? I'm waiting to hear back from the company on just exactly the plan is going forward. Maybe I'm worrying over nothing, but this is a lot of money to not have things done right.
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    I unpack the units all the time prior to dropping off onsite. It makes it easier to tie them down and you have to pull the packing apart anyways to check for shipping damage.

    NDV064 is a 2-stage, 5 ton unit. NDV060 is a 1-stage, 5 ton unit. NDV064 is a better unit.

    edit: for clarification it would be a N"S"V060
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    What were the complete model numbers of what they delivered and what you were supposed to get?
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    unit capacity (tonnage) of ground source heat pumps is dependent on the incoming source water temp and so the tonnage is variable at any point in time depending on that water temperature (also true of air source heat pumps and incoming air temp). don't focus on if the "five ton" unit has a model number with "60" in it. as others have already pointed out, focus on the specific model number you desire as it relates to the features you want (1/2/variable stage compressor, single/variable speed fan, etc.)
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    To be honest, what I was supposed to get was really never hammered out and that was my bad. When I first talked to the salesman, I told him I was concerned about water usage being a 'pump and dump' system, and one well does house and furnace. Also I needed remote control via Wi-Fi as we get away for long stays. I was led to believe those needs would be met. He said he had a furnace in stock that would work, but had to check on which side the return was, and we'd talk again. He was going to send someone out to measure for ducts and filters and we could finalize things then. Next day I'm not able to answer my phone, but saw a text that said we could install the next day if I wanted to. I wrongfully assumed that my needs were met by the furnace he had on the floor. When the installers came I asked him how he would handle water flow, as my existing furnace uses two solenoid valves with flow valves and no restriction after that. His answer was he could get all the water he needed from one valve. I didn't like that answer, so he made a call. He tells me he will install a modulating valve tomorrow, I agreed. I asked about the Wi-Fi thermostat, he says it's not the stat but a separate part that he didn't have. Then I took a picture of the data plate and decoded it, no cupernickle coax. That's when the show stopped, he said he'll have to order a different unit and they put things back as they were. The tag read
    NDV064K111CTL0DN. The owner called me today, assured me everything I asked for would come with the new furnace and the price would be the same. he also sent me a sales agreement that spelled these items out. So for now all is good.
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    EDITED to correct comment on HX...

    If you're saying the unit they originally brought out was a NDV064K111CTL0DN, then it did have almost every available option on the 5-series, but not the HX you wanted.

    Thats's 2-stage, 5-ton unit with a variable speed ECM blower, hot water generator, copper HX, and the Aurora Performance and Refrigeration Package. That unit has the ability to control a modulating valve, which is great for a 2-stage open loop application. That's a very nice unit. The only other things it did not include are the soft-start kit and a coated fan coil.

    The WiFi interface for the stat can easily be added later by just plugging it into the unit.

    You should have a nice setup when it's done.
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    I understand unpacking and checking for damage before showing up, just wondered is all. The installer told me the unit could control a modulating valve, he just didn't bring one because he didn't think he was going to install one. For the Wi-Fi, the installer said that the stat wasn't the Wi-Fi enabled part, it was a module on the furnace. When I talked to the salesman an hour later he said that module was on back order. So miscommunication or me not understanding what's being explained to me I'm sure is what happened. I did double check the Model Nomenclature in the installation manual, the 11th character is C for copper and N for cuproNickel, so the unit brought out is not what I should have for open loop well water according to the company. It looks like everything is now on track, just have to wait. My old unit hums along with no issue, but it is 21 years old. I'm going to take the rebate now and maybe have peace of mind if I get away in the winter.
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    You are right on the C vs N. I don't know how I messed that up. I hope you get your unit soon. The Symphony performance monitoring with the WiFi stat is nice.
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