Q. Secret to living with your Climatemaster?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by cscigu, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. cscigu

    cscigu New Member

    A. Two window a/c units and a woodstove.

    Fair warning, I'm sitting here with the Climatemaster down for over 3 weeks, yet comfortable with two small, cheap window units, and trying to decide whether to yank out my 8 year old Tranquility 27, and have a local contractor put in a new conventional unit. That can give you a poor outlook.

    I decided to put the Geo in due to the hype and rebates when I started construction back in 2009. I chose Climatemaster because I live just about 60 miles from their factory in OKC. Surely, that would be a good thing? No. (key factor: very rural area)

    It was OK for awhile. The installer had a man working for him that was excellent, and responsive. He took care of the unexpected poor reliability the first 3 or so years. He argued with CM when the ECM module in the 3 month old system went out in August, and CM told him it would take 10 days to get the part. He later was able to get them to extend some warranty when the coil cracked a year or two later. Sadly, this guy moved off to better things, and the company he worked for them became unreliable.
    I located a second company that handled the yearly run capacitor failure, and managed for a few more years. They fixed the almost $1k electronic issue that resulted from a close call with lightning. Now, they can't seem to keep on anyone capable of servicing CM. 60 miles away, yet no one can work on it.
    The times we've talked with CM have been bad experiences. Mostly they ignored us. Right now, the issue is the unit won't operate in stage 2, and is losing 410A. They thought it was the "rectifier" which seemed to have a short. Replaced, but still no stage 2. Attempted to charge system, but the output air temp was still 79. Still unresolved.

    So, I'm venting or ranting, obviously. It may sound like a hatchet job, but its the reality. Without a woodstove and 2 window units, we'd have been in bad shape. I've heard techs say that with Geo units they seem to work forever or never. I must just be a lemonhead.
    I probably cannot answer a bunch of technical questions to anyone's satisfaction. I will say then when its working properly, we love the thing. Quiet, effective, comfortable. Its a shame.

    My purpose with this is just to put the experience out there. When I made the decision to go Geo, I read these boards for info. I just hope someone in that position may run across this, so as to be fully informed of what could happen. I consider the CM to be my worst mistake in 30 years of home ownership. Living in a rural area has made this much tougher, also.
  2. nc73

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    Geo isn't for everyone. Not all HVAC companies handle them. I'm a DIYer so I'm fine with that. I do it all myself anyway. If I were you I would go with split units unless you're in a cold climate, no duct work and cheap. That 8 yo Tranq 27 isn't that old. They should last 20 years.
  3. cscigu

    cscigu New Member

    Funny you should mention the split unit thing. I was talking to my neighbor about this just a couple hours ago. They've put in a few of these in classrooms at the local church. He says they work great. I'm going up there to look them over in just a bit. I've looked at a very few examples via the internet. Mitsubishi?

    Sounds like a possible idea, given that I'm keeping about 1500 sf (of a 21oo sf house) cool with two tiny window units. I'm in Oklahoma, and it gets hotter than blazes, but I insulated this house very well. We keep 2 bedrooms and a bath shut off about 95% of the time. In winter, I can comfortably heat the whole place with the woodstove. I've got a limitless supply of oak firewood.
  4. nc73

    nc73 Member Forum Leader

    i hesrd pioneer is good. at least with these you only need to run it where you need it. geo is for times that i cant have
    the woodstove running. great for summer of course. they have diy split systems too but priced accordingly.
  5. cscigu

    cscigu New Member

    This deal is getting more fun. My neighbor was driving me to the little country church on the highway a couple miles away to see these split units. He's telling me the story about a local guy that is a crack electrician/HVAC guy that operates around the area simply by word of mouth. Does all the work for the church, which is always cold and comfortable. Apparently this man can fix anything when no one else can. Just then, we pass the man on the highway-- u-turn and chase him down.
    He's never worked on geo, but asked if I had an internet connection available to google things, then said he'll come by tomorrow. I'm at the "knock yourself out" stage now anyway, so here's hoping against hope. I think he's one of those guys that immediately can spot when you've got way too many wires cluttering up the operation.

    By the way, I was very impressed with the split units at the church. Cold, quiet, wireless thermostat. Very nice. They were Fujitsu brand. Had two interior units connected to one outside unit.
  6. nc73

    nc73 Member Forum Leader

    Sounds like you're making progress. I would have gone with splits but it gets too cold in Ohio! Good luck!
  7. Steven Fuchs

    Steven Fuchs New Member

    Just installed a Pioneer mini split two head unit. VERY quite but very early in the scheme of things. We will have a CM unit installed in our Modular being built in DE later in the year.

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