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Discussion in 'Geothermal Loops' started by Bix5241, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Bix5241

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    Seeking advice as to strength of my case. Have documented most everything. Stack of paper/emails is enormous.

    Here are basics:
    Geothermal system installed 5 years ago. WaterFurnace NDVO38. One closed loop. Countless lockouts for freeze detects mainly, one for comp monitor, each year. Repeated service calls and visits (initially paid for these and yearly preventative maintenance contract, in later years no charge for these visits/parts).

    You name it we've had it assessed/replaced:
    --countless loop flushing (including initial situation with pipe in basement coming detached and glycol spilling throughout utility room)

    --changes to staging of equipment due to manufacturer problem (soon after install)

    --replacement of failed Intellistart (only 3 years old)

    --A preventative maintenance visit that we requested in which technician did next to nothing. Company told me he was new and didn't do these visits, as usual technician was out. Company had technician return to house to do requested work.

    --Heat exchanger replacement (4 years old). Much investigating to determine this was problem—initially circulator pump and “air in pipes” thought to be issue

    --More freeze detects this January and company owner came and merely increased aux heat (significantly). Had to request follow up to reduce as heating bills extremely high.

    We are now being told that heating/cooling loads are too high for house and second loop needs to be installed and possibly upgraded system (NDVO49) Company owner is not offering to pay for digging, and necessary repairs to landscaping, stone work, irrigation system. Owner claims we did not furnish him with accurate info about our conditioned space for his Manual J heating/cooling analysis.

    Important to note that owner also does solar install. Gave us a hard sell for putting panels on roof. We sought second opinions from three solar companies who all said interference from numerous trees in yard did not make solar a good option for us.

    Input/feedback/help would be most appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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  2. urthbuoy

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    Putting on my engineers' hat - it will come down to who sized the system and how well the work was done to satisfy that design.
  3. Bix5241

    Bix5241 New Member

    Thank you for your response. We are also seeking a second opinion/experts in the Boston area, if anyone can provide.
  4. docjenser

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    Need more info.

    Is the system now working? Pictures would be good.

    info on loop field etc would be helpful. What are the minimum and maximum entering water temperatures?

    Go through the troubleshoot checklist here on the forum and try to answer as many equations as you can.
  5. Bix5241

    Bix5241 New Member

    We have discovered numerous errors with installation of our system after consulting with local professionals. Loop is 100 ft too shallow and system is undersized for heating load of our home. Installer expecting us to cover costs to rectify problems. Looking for an attorney in Boston, MA area with residential geothermal experience.
  6. waterpirate

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    I am sorry it came to this for your install. Finding an attorney with geo experience anywhere is going to be tough. A attorney with trade/building contract experience is what you need. This is a simple breach of contract, geo is just the trade. You contracted for a system to heat your home, it did not.
    Hope this helps
  7. Bix5241

    Bix5241 New Member

    Thanks very much, Eric. Appreciate your advice and time. This (issue with the contract) is what we've gathered from a few sources now.

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