Purifiers for water furnace systems

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by blakej, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. blakej

    blakej New Member

    I have two separate water furnace systems (one upstairs and one downstairs) in my home in central tx. We've been dealing with mold issues on the fans, inside the handler, and in the ducting coming out of the handler. I've been researching some air purifiers that are placed both outside the intake and in the ducting itself, but I'm not finding a lot of info on them. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good way to combat the mold issues inside the ducting? Thanks!
  2. SShaw

    SShaw Member

    I'd be looking to see if there's a problem with the units that's causing the excess moisture inside the ducts, leading to the mold. Things that might cause excess moisture could include: oversized units, airflow too high blowing water off the coil, leaky ductwork, clogged condensate drain, etc.
  3. blakej

    blakej New Member

    the excess moisture is for sure coming off the coils, but I just don't know how to do anything about that. one way or another I've got to get the mold gone and stay that way.
  4. ChrisJ

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    Do you have the fan running continuously? That will reintroduce moisture off the coil after cooling stops.
  5. SShaw

    SShaw Member

    Understand. A decent HVAC guy should know what system mods and routine maintenance steps are necessary to mitigate the issue. My point is even if you remove the mold, the mold will likely return as long as the problem causing the excess moisture remains.

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