Pump Shut-Off...Any harm?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Cadman, Dec 29, 2018.

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    I got a wild hair this morning and decided to build up a safety switch to kill the geo should I spring a (serious) leak. Pretty straightforward, a sump-pump float is skinny enough to slip past the fittings in my flow center. A threaded rod sets the height, and as long as there's buoyancy, the microswitch stays satisfied. A nylon bushing keeps the threads from hanging up.

    I'll mount the switch arm on a pivot attached to the side of the FC so it can be swung out of the way when taking the cap off. My original idea was to mount an ice cube relay to cut power to the entire HP, but it'd be easier to kill power to just the pumps. Would there be an issue if there were no flow through the HP in such a situation?

    The other switch contact will power a light or alarm, but if I'm not home I don't want to damage the HP by having it continue to run. Thoughts?

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    Um why? If you used proper piping it should not leak. At worse a a tiny one that can be spotted and fixed in time. The HP will just shutdown the compressor when the pump stops. It’ll go into low pressure lockout.
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    Yep, I second that "Why?" question....
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    The "why" is due to the equipment location. Basically, any amount of methanol mix being pumped onto the floor would be a bad deal as it's one large living/working space. At best, a big mess, at worst, $$ damage. For $20 in parts and an hour's time, why not. Plus with an indicator, I'll know sooner rather than later if I am slowly losing coolant outside the house.

    I know the PVC is a time bomb, but I've also had brass fittings on my water supply fail due to porosity issues that only showed up after a few years' use and cause major damage. Basically, if it wasn't made in the USA half a century ago, I don't trust it o_O

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