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    Hello everyone, I realize this question is not specific to geothermal but I have found the most engaging discussions on this forum so I wanted to post here. Recently installed a 5-ton WF 5 series in a 3 zone house. In the summer, we like to cool the upstairs (master bedroom) before bed, which has lately been in the mid 70s during the day. The basement has been steady at 65-68 for the last few months. It seems wasteful to turn on the A/C when simply circulating the air will cool things down up there. Unfortunately my ecobee stats do not give the option to control the air handler fan at specific times or durations, but only give me the option to run them for a certain number of minutes/hour/day. I do not want my fan running every hour, but do have the Honeywell W8150 whole house ventilation that does circulate air fairly frequently.

    Does anyone know of a programmable fan control for a standard 24V zone board? I would like to be able to program the fan to turn on and all dampers open at 8PM every day. I could probably design one myself with an arduino or raspberry pi but if something already exists I'll save my time for one of the many other house projects.

    Thank you!

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