Price differences between Geothermal and air source cooling

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by HiThere, Aug 6, 2010.

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    I presume "normal package" means 90+ furnace with A/C. IOW you are comparing a low end fossil system with a vertical loop (most expensive) geo.
    Your not comparing apples and oranges, this is more like bannanas and celery (they're not even in the same food group).
  2. AMI Contracting

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    Folks I feel obliged to reiterate something.
    Complaints about geo pricing are usually packed with emotion, suspicion and the implication that geo contractors are all gougers, yet few have any substance to help us clarify price disparities.
    When asked for details about the different offerings, responses are often vague or still void of detail.
    Twice in this thread we appear to have folks comparing low end air conditioners (not even ASHPs) to very high end ground source heat pumps.
    Understand I'm not criticizing folks who are ignorant of the differences between the appliances, I'm suggesting that if someone wants to understand why one thing costs more than another, it would be useful for us to know what we are comparing.
    If I asked you why one car dealer wanted 30k more for his product than another, would you automatically be shocked or might you check first to make sure I'm not comparing a Chevette to a Cadillac?
    I have no horse in most of these races and am not afraid to say something is over priced if it appears to be. I will not, however, criticize prices without detail of what is being purchased. Nor should others.
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    Yes it is possible I am not comparing things properly. For me, it is just the difference from the original ballpark figure vs. the quote. I talked back to the sales rep from the vendor and when I told him of the quote he was also taken back. He could not understand why it was almost twice what he thought it would be. Even accounting for the cost of the foam, that should not double the price. I even talked to a friend of a friend in another state who does Geo and was also floored by the price.

    I think most of us are trying to the right thing for the environment while also doing the delicate balancing act of $$$. Just that we say the cost are high does not mean that we are all saying the contractors are trying to rip us off. It might be packed with emotion as we have true desire for the system. There might be suspicion as we are unsure of all the details of such a system.

    We bring this to you, the experts for the advice and such. Even in my shocked nature, I am still grateful for reading all I did while waiting on my quote.

    I have recently acquired a 2nd quote, 43k also. This time from a different product. One of the quotes is waterfurnace and one is climatemaster. I have also asked for a handful of other quotes from other vendors.
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    New to this forum as a HVAC contractor starting in geo and a 16+ year contractor in conventional HVAC and wanted to share my perspective. When comparing Geo with conventional, check out the model numbers of what you are getting with the air source and the geo systems. My market is the higher end customer who wants max. efficiency with a premium product and excellent service. On a new residential install, my air source 2 stage heat/cool variable speed units with all the bells and whistles is about $4K less than a variable speed geo unit. Every install is unique but my avg. air source price is from $4-$5K/ton and right now I'm booked out until Sept. 1.

    Here's the lengths and costs we have to absorb before I come out to your geo job:

    * Factory training for a week
    * Real (not homemade) purge cart
    * Fusion equipment
    * Have built a "geothermal training lab" at the shop with loops and a geo unit to educate the install and service techs. This cost alone was $10K. Everyone is trained on installation,troubleshooting and service.
    * Industry memberships to get listed as a licensed IGSHPA pro.

    All our installs are per Manual J, D and S (lots of time and costs).

    We have not received any BBB complaints. There is nothing wrong with trying to get the best deal but as with anything, you ultimately get what you pay for. Good luck on your new system.
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    Sometimes you get more, sometimes you just get to pay more. It depends on overhead, profit margin, etc.

    The $39,000 quote I received for the same job and equipment wasn't superior in any way to the more typical $30,000ish quotes I received (one from a much more experienced installer.) That being said, I wouldn't expect that the same job be done for $20,000 either.
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    Flush Cart

    I would put my non real "homemade" flush cart up against my "real" Geo Pro flush cart any day. There is no-comparison. My "real" cart will be for sale within the next week. :cool:
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    "For me, it is just the difference from the original ballpark figure vs. the quote".

    Tried to give perspective based on substance.

    Replies offer conjecture, opinions and expectations....

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    I hope you are sending the beer we discused, or sending royalty payments after the sale.

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