Possible Concrete Damage From Drill

Discussion in 'Vertical and Horizontal Loops' started by Darrell Pace, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Hello All,

    We are a small HVAC contractor who does the occasional geothermal system. We ran into a strange issue this morning and are looking for information that will be helpful as we work our way through it. This is a brand new home receiving a 4-ton system with (4) bores 200' deep. All four holes were great. Solid the entire way down.

    This morning while the drilling contractor was working on the 3rd hole around 45' away from the corner of the house the customer described what he thought was a mild earthquake. Enough to shake the house. They didn't think anything of it at the time but some number of hours later he found the concrete floor in the basement had a hairline crack and the sheet rock had cracks and popped nails in several locations above the basement.

    I am at a total loss for what may have caused this. Obviously the finger got pointed at our drilling but I just can't imagine how this drill caused this kind of bump on the house. It was large drill (T-4).

    I am reaching out to you guys for any information that will be helpful of what could have caused this.

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    Did you hit water? If so, at what depth? What was the final water depth in the well? Just a thought, but if you released pressure on a capped underground water reservoir, that might have allowed a small amount of settlement.
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    Thanks for the reply. The holes where dry and solid the whole way down. No voids that anyone could detect. The driller didn't notice anything out of the ordinary either when it happened. It's a real mystery. It doesn't look like anything settled inside when I put a level to things.

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