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    I have 5 series Water Furnace system. 2 years old. Turned on cooling several weeks ago. Outside temps in 90F range. Thermostat set at 73F. Have 2 zones active. 6 ton unit.

    The blower runs 23 hrs/day, literally. Much of the time the unit in standby mode, with fan on speed #3. When the temp rises, the unit goes directly to cooling stage 2, cools down, then shuts down for a few minutes. Then fan comes on at low speed and stays on all the time.

    Tried turning dehumidifier on and off, but that did not make much difference. Also, the unit is connected to ERV in the attic.

    1. Why is fan on so much? It does not take much energy at all, but is that bad? Will it wear out fast?
    2. Why does it use stage 2 cooling so much? I set the differentials to 0.5 degrees for stage 1 and 2 degrees for stage 2. It simply lets the temp in the room go up 2 degrees and then goes directly to stage 2. Then it stays in stage 2 until temps come down almost all the way. I do not remember this happening last year. Heating also was not an issue. Even with subzero temps, stage 2 was rarely used.

    Thanks very much.
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