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    Hi Folks,

    I created my testimonial as a photo album a few years ago. There's some text with each image, just click each one to see the details.

    Particulars: One pair of vertical 300 ft wells, closed loop, fully grouted, ClimateMaster Tranquility 27 system including desuperheater. North Carolina had a strong geothermal incentive program to go with the federal energy star program. As a result the HVAC replacement cost no more than a typical air-sourced heat pump. The toughest part was finding an installer willing to put the wells on our irregularly shaped residential lot.

    After three years we're very satisfied with the system performance and savings, which continue to save us at least 50% per year over the previous equipment. That's not bad considering that we are not as frugal with the thermostat as we had been!

    Scott C.
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    thanks for sharing

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