operation temps and flow rate question

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    I am looking for any information regarding water temperatures and efficiency. I have a Trane WSHP that's about 10 years old connected to an open loop well water system set at 40/60psi. I have a manual throttling valve that I can adjust the water flow with. It has always been set at about 1/2 flow but I haven't checked the actual GPM, the only way I could do this would be with a 5 gallon bucket and a stop watch. I have checked the water temperature and air temperature and have the following data. When my water filter is clean the incoming water is 75 degrees and the outgoing water is 87 degrees and as the filter gets plugged up over time and more restricted the outgoing water temperature can rise to 98 degrees. I usually clean the filter before that happens as my water pressure in the house drops to low. My outgoing air temperature at the closest register is between 52 and 54 degrees with an inlet temperature of 80 degrees in the summer with the outgoing water temperature between 87 and 98 degrees. I haven't had any problems with the operation but wondered if I should increase or decrease the water flow for better efficiency.

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