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    So, is it a heat loss/gain figure that should be requested (will this necessarily be in the form of a manual J?)
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    To my knowledge, Manual J is the only approved method to generate a heat gain / loss analysis meeting the requirements of US Codes wherein such a calculation is required.

    Canadians have a similar requirement not called Manual J

    There are several software packages claiming to be Manual J compliant - no reason not to use one.
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    Thanks. I knew a Manual J was the standard (in the US) for HVAC, but I wasn't sure if an energy auditor did a "Manual J", or if they called it something different based on the testing that they do. I also wasn't sure if it was standard practice for energy auditors to provide heat gain/loss figures.

    I'll ask the prospective auditor for results of another job (without names, address, etc.) so I can see the type of information he provides. $350 is his charge. I believe he said it would take 3 hours at the house, and more time at the office. It includes a thermal imaging (camera) evaluation too.
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