South Dakota Open Loop Siphoning?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by samheidy, Mar 10, 2019.

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    Since install, I've had to keep upping the grains of hardness setting on my water softener and it still isn't the best. I figured the amount of water being used from the well now changed the makeup of the water...

    I attached a pic of some temp sensors I have been mounting to pipes to see if anything shows up.

    Green: Closest to DHW preheat tank, tank side of in line valve
    Yellow: 2nd closest, after green, 'cold' side of valve
    Blue: 3rd in line, after yellow, closest to cold water
    Red: Disregard, testing on one return loop of radiant floor

    Screenshot is with the valve open, desuperheater enabled. If I close the valve, the yellow and blue rise and stay at ambient with no water usage.

    Thoughts, questions?

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  2. waterpirate

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    Hi and welcome!
    Wells are living breathing things. Water usage will change the production of a well over time. Production changes in volume and quality are both common in the life of a well.
    Hope this helps
  3. samheidy

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    Thanks Eric!

    I understand wells change but to change the gallons to regeneration from 450 to 300 and still not very soft makes me wonder if it's 'stealing' from my softener. The temperatures stay at ambient with that valve closed so my thoughts are that either the desuperheater is forcing flow where it shouldn't be or geo main is 'siphoning' by flowing past my domestic main.

    I do not have a check valve between the softener and preheat desuperheater tank and the manual backs that up, but I question it..

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