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Discussion in 'Vertical and Horizontal Loops' started by Joe, May 27, 2012.

  1. Joe

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    Hi All,
    My 4 ton waterfunace that ran on open loop for 4 years is now on closed loop for the third day. Everything seems to be functioning well. The well driller drilled 2- 300ft wells inserted 1"pipe with u bends down and 1-1/4 tied in parallel 60 ft to the house. My house has is 3,000sqft r-21 walls, r-8 windows, r-50 attic. The ewt is 65.5 and the lwt is 70.5. The air temp in is 71.4f and the air out is 50.f. It sure has not been running very often, maybe 15 min out of the hour. my location is northern Delaware. I was wondering if there are certain things I should be looking for that could be problematic if corrections aren't made. Thanks for any and all input.
    Joe :)
  2. waterpirate

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    Closed loops for the most part is "set it and forget it" Your loops will prolly run a little warm this cooling season being new, but by this time next year you should have some data to look at as far as monitoring your system and predicting if you are headed to a potential issue.
  3. Joe

    Joe New Member

    Thanks Eric,
    I'm already enjoying the "set it and forget it" part. :)
  4. Calladrilling

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    All of our customers are happy with closed loop systems.
    We drill both open and closed loop systems here in NJ, and the closed loop systems are lays less maintenance.
    Enjoy your new setup!

    There is another closed loop installer in Delaware besides Waterpirate??????
  5. Joe

    Joe New Member

    Hi Calladrilling,
    Actually the well driller and hvac company are from southeastern Pa. I could not find to many in Delaware when I was looking. It's getting more popular every year.
  6. Calladrilling

    Calladrilling Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Wow. That a little bit of a hike.
    Who did you go with for hvac and drilling?
    I aonly ask since I am not to far from philadelphia.
  7. Joe

    Joe New Member

    I used Chelsea Heating and Air from Avondale, Pa. I was so impressed with this company I could go on and on. I plan on writing letters of recommendation for the installers. The well drillers were Brown Brothers Drilling Inc. This company also did an outstanding job. I was told it was pretty nasty drilling, and one company would not even give me a quote. So I feel fortunate to have had such good contractors.

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