NYSEG Geothermal Rebate in 2019?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by IsItForMe, Mar 1, 2019.

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    Hello All,

    I've got a nice 500 ft deep hole in my front yard in Western NY, and this spring will have a Waterfurnace system will be in place that will displace my hydronic boiler and traditional water heater. I understand that NYSEG (my electric utility) be providing a rebate for geothermal users at some point this year.

    Does anyone have any detail, estimate or guestimate on what to expect in terms of $ or percentage?

  2. nc73

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    You could just call them...Why not take the normal fed 30% tax credit? It's still good.
  3. IsItForMe

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    Hello NC73 - Are you familiar with the specifics of NYSEG and their supposed future Geo rebate program? I asked on this forum to solicit feedback from those who do. NYSEG's customer service folks did not have information on the program when I asked them, and information that is publicly available indicates that the rebate is yet to be enacted.

    I will be taking the 30% tax credit when I am able, however like most everyone else, I strive to reduce the operating costs of my future system and so would like a rebate from the utility if it is available.
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    NYSEG has its rate case coming up, so it might be covered there.

    In addition, the joint utilities were ordered state wide to save 5 million Tera BTUs by using heat pumps, which equals 83,000 households. Date of the order is Dec 13, 2018. Essentially they are trying to hatch out how to get there and what they need to ask the PSC.
    They accelerated the energy efficiency targets from 2030 forward to 2025.
    Essentially it comes down to the Public Service Commission ordering the utilities to put in ensure the installation of 83,000 heat pumps. It is pretty much up to the utilities what the ratio between ground and air source is.
    However, they understand the benefit of ground source to them.

    The utilities, including NYSEG, will have time to reply to the PSC and make proposal how the program shall look like by April 1st 2019. The PSC is expected to finish an order by Oct 1st, and the utilities will have it implemented by Jan 1st.

    Current budget is $250 million, but they already know that there is money missing.

    The current focus of the PSC is on Westchester county, since ConEd implemented a moratorium for new gas customers. As of midnight March 18th 2019 they stopped accepting new gas customers for uninterrupted gas service.

    To make along story short, there is definitely a rebate program coming from NYSEG, and for sure one by Jan 1st, but what happens in the meantime with an additional rebate by NYSEG is uncertain.

    You have the current NYSERDA rebate program, and the 30% Fed tax credit, but not sure if the timing is that NYSEG will implement an additional rebate before its rate case is settled, and the PSC ordered heat pump program kicks in.

  5. IsItForMe

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    Thanks for all the detail, Doc.

    Since originally posting this message I've opted to participate in a 2 megawatt solar farm that is being built in Wales (NY), which will provide a 10% price cut from NYSEG rates and 100% offset our electricity usage. I can't imagine a rebate will be available for that, but the clean energy offset will be great.

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    The joint utilities in NYS have just filed a $340 million requests to support heat pump installations in NY with the public service commission. NYSEG is part of this.

    So the NYSERDA rebate will go away, and likely be replaced by a utility rebate, by Jan 1st.

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    Any news on this?
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    Colton - The timing of your reply is funny because after having an awesome system installed early in 2019, my wife has made it known that we bought a house too far out from where she works. So now we're looking to build a house and probably will have another geo system installed there!

    I know that the federal rebate is reduces next year, but I'm also looking to learn about any changes in the NYSERDA rebate program.

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