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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Adam Porter, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Adam Porter

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    I was wondering if someone would be willing to run the GLD program for me based on some information that I gave? I cannot seem to get it to work for some reason. It wont download. I would be very grateful. So if someone can help me out here is some basic info.

    I want to do a horizontal install with a slinky with a trench maybe 18-24" wide so that I can lay the slinky in vertical and stay out of a deep trench. My soil conditions are shale with maybe 18-24" of topsoil . The rest turns to layers of shale which tend to be somewhat moist. NOT wet but just slightly wet it seems like. I am on top of a hill so that is kinda strange.

    Heat loss is 93,331
    Heat gain is 41,547
    infiltration is good . The house is sealed up pretty tight and house wrapped etc.But I do have some big windows facing south.
    Located in Ohio near Canton .
    House sqft including the basement is 3500 sq ft.

    Space isn't a problem and could do several long trenches . Please help me. I appreciate it and will give any info requested. Thanks abunch.

    If someone is close by and is professional I would be willing to pay even to get the correct design.
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    Is infiltration good, or insulation?;)

    I would stay away from the vertical slinkies, they kink quickly.

    I'll run your numbers. what is your zip code?

    You likely want backfill in a way so you embed you pipes in clay or top soil, to prevent them to get in touch with sharp edges.
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  3. Adam Porter

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    Thanks for the help. So I re ran my numbers the other day as I made a mistake the first time. Check out the thread called soil conditions where me and arkie have talked back and forth some. It has alot of info specific to my house. But to summarize my heat gain was around 38k andy heat loss was around 67k. I have good insulation but do have alot of South facing windows. My house was built about 5 yrs ago. And is pretty tight. Again alot of the specifics are in that other ghreat. But wall insulation is R-13 -4 inch. And ceiling is R38-10" . Two story house with full basement. Basement is 8' below grade. I don't heat it and it stays around 60-62 degrees year round. So about 2300 sq ft and 1100 sq ft basement. I only did a manual J on a software program. I have a physical paper copy I use that is always very close to carriers software. ( Within 1-2k) but my zip code is 43907. If you need any other information please let me know or check out that thread. I really appreciate the help!

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