Connecticut Non-pressurized leak at flow center

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    I have a closed loop non pressurized system that randomly gushes out water at the flow center/tank area. It doesn't happen often (every six months?), but when it does, it releases several gallons (yes, gallons) of antifreeze. I have yet to see it happen, so I couldn't tell you the source of the leak. It just happened again, and lost so much antifreeze that my heat pump faulted. I added water to start it up, but I know I need to add propylene glycol to make up for the loss. I have a service contract, but I'm reluctant to call without knowing the source of the leak. Any ideas?
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    You have air in the ground loop. There is a greater chance it is that vs. a leak. Or you have a slow leak and the level drops enough that you end up introducing a large amount of air into your system with the non-pressurized setup.

    You need a larger pump (purge cart) to get the air out of the ground loop.

    I wouldn't worry too much about making up the glycol % for now.
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    Thanks for the reply. Would air in the lines cause a sudden flood of water at the tank? I thought a non-pressurized system purged air on its own, no? If it is a small leak somewhere, is it okay to put loop conditioner in a non-pressurized system or it that meant for only pressurized?
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    Generally it tosses up water when the pumps shut off and the entrapped air pushes the water column back to the non-pressurized flowcentre. A water level that doesn't change with pumps on/off has no air in it. A water level that goes up when off is a sign of air in the system.

    The non-pressurized flowcentres are generally not powerful enough to purge an entire ground loop without being able to isolate individual circuits. So on system startup, a more powerful pump is required to purge the system. After that, they do a good job of eliminating any air in the system.
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    While there can leaks on the tank (or the fittings where the pump is bolted on), the fact that this occurs every 6 months suggests air in the loop rather than a leak. How much water do you fill up, and how much air do you leave in the canister?

    How much water did you fill up in total? Unlikely that you diluted the antifreeze so much that it freezes the lines, especially in June. You might had it run dry. Call your installer and have him purge the lines. You seem to have a significant amount of air trapped in it, which the flow center cannot purge out.
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    Thanks again for the replies and advice. Air in the lines make sense, then. I've probably added around 10 gallons of water total since this started happening. I'll get them to purge the lines and report back.

    Well, I'm reporting back. The purge never happened, but I have a closed (sealed) canister from Phoenix that I'm going to replace the open one with. I'll report back again if it solves my problem.
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