Noble New Geothermal Concept Being invented

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    Noble New Geothermal now Named GeoBattery

    I am very pleased to announce the completion of the noble geothermal system test.

    The noble new geothermal heat exchange system is now named as GeoBattery System followed by the role and shape of the heat exchanger. The name was provided by the workers to build test system in inventor's house.

    The inventor installed the system in his own house and proved commercial potential.

    This new system is compatible to any existing geothermal heat pumps both 'DX' and 'Water Source'.

    As previously reported,
    The system has the following characteristics.
    1. No drilling
    2. Near Zero Geothermal Looping
    3. Required land less than 200 sq for 4 tone system,
    may add 100 sq per additonal 2 tone capacity.
    4. Digging required 6-8 feet in U-Shape
    5. Immdeiate pay back with enjoyable profits.
    (cost less or similar to sum of air conditioner and heat furnace installation)
    5. Easy and fast to install
    6. Applicable to any size from small (town, apartment complex, condo) to bigger size (industrial, commercial).
    7. No gas emission (same to any geothermal)
    8. Similar or better efficiency compared to traditional geothermal system.

    Noble Geofurnace initiated installation of this system near NJ, NY and east PA area.

    for further inquiries, please contact
    SaeHeum Song, Ph.D.
    CEO, Noble Geofurnace Inc.
    225 Opossum Rd, Skillman, NJ, 08558

    Experiences with Geothermal HeatPump,
    SaeHeum Song installed geothermal heat pump to replace electric radiator installed in 225 Opossum Rd. Electric bill reduction does not meet expectation. Installed geothermal system has defect in installation, in sufficient earth contact leading to the defect of the system. These opportunity leads to invention of the noble geothermal heat pump installation technology.
  2. Eric D

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    Mr. Song,

    If you have a patent pending why the need for confidential agreement?

    How is the commercialization of your invention going?


    Eric D
  3. saeheumsong

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    Why do I want NDA on patent pending.

    This is because the textbook on patent instruct me to do so. In addition, this invention will target world wide patents not only USA.

    Patent panding may not apply to other countries.

    Thanks for asking

    SaeHeum Song
  4. Eric D

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    Mr. Song,

    I am interest in your invention, but at this time I’m not interested in signing any type of confidential agreement. Without disclosing details, can you give some ideas as to where your invention is best suited? To clarify is it best for curtain locations like Northern, or Southern climates, soil types, etc.? How compact is the heat transfer area, what is the minimum ground area per ton?

    I would like to understand if this would allow dense populated areas to switch to geothermal, that currently have no option due to lack of ground area for a conventional design.


    Eric D
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    Send me E-mail please

    Dear Eric,

    Please send your contact info to my e-mail "" then I will start to discuss the details with feasibility.

    Kind regards,
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    Success in noble Geothermal System,

    Hi Green Lovers through Geothermal Energy.

    I posted my patent pendig invention on NOBLE geothermal heat exchange method, not 'DX', not 'Water based'.

    I tested my system to my house since my previous Geothermal System had problem and succeeded in getting energy as I needed. Hence my new invention works.

    Now, I am looking for Partners/Investers to commercialize my this wonderful invention on Geothermal Energy Exchange System.

    Briefly, my noble invention has the following characteristics,

    Better to equal energy exchange efficiency compared to traditional Geothermal Heat Pump System.
    No Drilling need.
    No Large area requirement.
    Low cost of installation.

    In addition, If anyone interested in installing Geothermal Heat Pump with immediate payback (Cost installation is similar to or less then sum installing airconditioner and fire furnace), please discuss with me. ("" and "". We started installing Noble Geothermal Heat Pump in the area of NJ, PA and NY at this time.

    Thanks for the support.

    I am very happy to be able to announce the success in testing of this noble Geothermal heat Pump.

    SaeHeum Song, Ph.D
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