New Brunswick No Water Pressure (can I trust this guy)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Lucas, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Lucas

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    This issue has been resolved.

    Thank you
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  2. Lucas

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  3. docjenser

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    Basic things to do first is to check flow when the heat pump is in lock down. Obviously, no pressure, no flow. The you can open the valve manually to see if the valve is cause the no flow obstruction. If you still do not have flow, you need to figure out why.....
    Not sure what to say here.....
  4. nc73

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    It's not their fault, it is yours. Don't get geo when you're not willing to learn how the system operates. Ignorance will cost you money. People take advantage of ignorant people all the time. Just because he's a "pro", doesn't mean he knows anything. Educate yourself and you will never be screwed! You might not even need to call in the pro! At least that's how I see things.
  5. ChrisJ

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    nc73, name calling is not helpful. You can say "how you see things" without being insulting.
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  6. docjenser

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    Customers and consumers deserve to have high quality geo systems installed without a need on their side to have a full understanding on how they operate.
    Otherwise it would be like saying that you should not get an A/C without fully understanding how it operates, or a computer, or a cell phone....
    Just because a consumer hires a professional for their service and trust him to deliver does not make that consumer ignorant either.

    You did not display very good understanding of the system's operation here here in the last months either, based on the comments you made, so please refer from misleading and judging others without having the full understanding or knowledge of facts.

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