Ohio No water getting thru to desuperheater system

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Angie Tullos, May 13, 2019.

  1. Angie Tullos

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    I have a desuperheater system that pushes the hot water thru a loop system that heats the floor of a room on a concrete slab. I am still learning how all this system works but I know I have water coming in but then there is no water getting to the system. I am attaching a pic of where I think the issue is, which I am guessing us some kind of valve? No water gets to the small gray bladder tank or anywhere past that T valve. Any help is appreciated.

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  2. mrpac

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    Hi Angie,

    My desuperheater is fed from the system through a solenoid valve as well. When the heat pump is running, a signal is provided to the 120V coil of the valve to signal it to open, and a small pump operates to circulate the water.

    It sounds like your solenoid/valve/recirculation pump are not running possibly? Or worse case there is a blockage somewhere in the loop.

    I would verify that the valve is open, and that you can see flow somehow by cracking the vent to atmosphere.

    We are all learning here...but it is basic fluid dynamics in your case.
  3. ChrisJ

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    There is a green handle shut off(ball valve) in the off position. It's right next to the gray wire. Hard to see where the different pipes are connected to.
  4. Angie Tullos

    Angie Tullos New Member

    I found that the check valve was bad. I took that out and now water is flowing thru the system. I will have to replace the valve tomorrow. Will the geothermal furnace system heat the water that is now in the white tank? And can anyone tell me what the gray bladder tank would be used for? I do have a circulation pump that pumps the water thru tubes under the concrete slab. Should I keep the circulation pump running while the furnace is heating the water in the tank or should I turn it off?
  5. ChrisJ

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    The gray tank is an expansion tank, as the water is heated it expands.

    The desuperheater is not meant to be used for floor heating, the heat pump will only heat the water while it is running to make heat or a/c.

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