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    Not if appeal pending and there are other arguments being made for every legal case. The 3 cases were not allowed as a class action. So for example the DTF was able to excluded evidence in one trial, but in the next trial they were not able to exclude it anymore. So each trail had to consider different evidence.
    BTW, all rulings have accepted that GSHPs are using solar radiation as a source.

    That was not the point. It was only about whether the circulation pump in the system is part of a conventional system, because it is connected the the grid and consumes energy, and now excludes the entire geo system as qualifying under the statue. Silly.
    The counter argument was that the loop circulation pump is a vital component of the GSHP system, similar to the circulation pump of a solar thermal circularoof top system. Or the inverter in a solar PV system being connected to the grid. The first Tribunal should rule in 4-6 months.
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    I guess I have 3 years to submit an amended return.

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