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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Seth, May 22, 2018.

  1. Seth

    Seth New Member

    Hello all, I am located in SE Michigan and want to get off LP gas as my source of fuel. Natural gas is not really an option (well its a 23K option) so I have been researching GEO. I have a question regarding closed loop systems. How much does the ground soil effect efficiency? I essentially live on a gravel pit (think sand/gravel) so I have fantastic drainage which is great for not flooding a basement but not so much for GEO from what I have read. I mentioned this to Waterfurnace dealer but they seem to think that since its buried 6 ft I will be fine. Any thoughts? I have also looked at a cheaper solution (open loop by WellConnectGeo out of Alpena, MI) but just not sure I want to maintain two systems (new heat pump + existing 20 yr old furnace) and deal with potential water quality issues. My well pump is also 210' deep so cost to pump and upgrading pump is in my mind. I can package it all into the 30% rebate. Still on the fence regarding what system but want to act within next two years to get rebate.
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  2. Seth

    Seth New Member

    Or do I just need to "increase" the size of the loop to account for soil conditions?
  3. ChrisJ

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    Exactly. I would try to go a little deeper then 6' too.
  4. nc73

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    In your case I would go with pump n dump, if your pump isn't too large that is. Mine is 3/4 hp for the same depth. Less guess work and you will get the most efficiency without a lot design work. Also make sure your water is good.
  5. ChrisJ

    ChrisJ Active Member Forum Leader

    What to do with the "Dump" is always an issue that has to be addressed. Really need great water to be hassle free. Usually another well gets dug to return the water to the aquifer.

    Be sure there are plumbing provisions to backwash the heat exchanger.

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