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    I have a two ton CM with a 300' vertical loop. It came on line Oct. 17th.
    It seems to be running well. The numbers last night at the end of a cycle were:
    EWT.....57.79 Deg F.
    LWT......52.79 Deg F.
    RAT......71.00 Deg F. (Return not yet ducted and vent in same room.)
    SAT......92.50 Deg F.
    OAT was around 50 Deg F.
    I don't have pressures yet.
    Could someone tell me the anticipated water pressures? I want to buy the best resolution for the application.
    The driller found three or four voids in the earth. All between 80 and 100 feet down. There was water present. After loosing several feet of grout, he used 15 - 20 feet of 1/4 down from the rock quarry. This is a very fine, more fine than crusher run.
    Anyone have experience with this?
    Guys, Thanks for everything you have done. I was going to go geothermal. You all just made it easier.
    I am behind schedule 6 weeks, but under budget.
    Thanks Again
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    The grouting operation is fairly straight forward/ Except/ when voids present. After that point all betts are off and most regulations allow for sealing off the void with anything you can get your hands on, and then continue to grout after the zone of loss has been sealed off.

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