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    I'm new here and with geothermal... I just bought an 1943 house with a geothermal system (installed in 1994).

    I have a problem for which I would appreciate your opinion.

    We are doing some major renovations in the house like all the flooring. My contractor suggested to remove the cast iron radiators to redo the flooring underneath and put them back. When the plumber came he suggested to remove the cast iron baseboards (46 ft long) for newer ones that are more efficient (slant fin 30). So I followed his advice and threw away all cast iron baseboard radiators.

    When I said that to my geothermal contractor he told me that fin radiator would not work for my system. The slant fin radiator are going to be efficient at a 150-180F water temp, but not at 110F. The plumber seems to recognize his error and is trying to fix it...

    For the 46 ft of cast iron baseboard that he removed, he is suggesting
    • Replace with cast iron radiators (not baseboard but 4 radiators about 5 foot wide x 26 inch high). This is going to be much more encumbrant that what I had...
    • Replace with the equivalent in slant fin 30 (46 ft). I'm not sure since my geothermal contractor is telling me that it is not optimal. The plumber is telling me that the BTU output is the same for slant fin 30 and cast iron baseboard at 110F
    • Replace with a few StelRad K2 radiators. He is telling me that this would the most efficient but also the most costly...
    Please note that I live in Quebec Canada, so we have very cold winters and the old house is not insulated.

    What are your thoughts?

    Thank you!
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    I’m sure more helpful and knowledgeable folks will be along shortly, but my advice is to learn from this that most tradespeople are very ignorant when it comes to geothermal, and you should measure twice and cut once when taking their advice.

    I feel your pain. Good luck.
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