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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by StevieB, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. StevieB

    StevieB Member

    I have just set my unit. It is a 2T down flow Climatemaster. I have spotted my flowcenter.
    Everything I have read shows I can install this flowcenter with loop hookups down and the unit hookups up. True??? (motor shaft horizontal) This "upside down" installation will mean no 90s except where the hose kit enters the unit. Is there value to minimizing the 90s? I am using a GFM 116-1 flow center with a three speed motor. One loop in a 300' borehole. The driller comes in about two weeks. If I have any monies left over, I will let the driller add feet to the borehole. Not much maybe 40 maybe 50 more feet. I was studying the use of clips and an enhanced grout and decided a few more feet would do just as well. Opinion anyone??
    1) Can I install permanent gauge, in the pt port, with out worrying about vibration? The unit is on a 2" foam board. I will use surface mounted temp sensors with data gathering done by a processor from my day job.
    2) I plan to install four ball valves, one at each port, of the flow center for isolation...Over kill???
    This is the first geo unit I have installed. I am a DIY but I paid to have someone check my load calc, my BIN data and do Reynolds calc on this flowcenter. A local installer will do my ductwork and I contracted the driller at $1900 per ton.
    All of you guys have earned my respect for your knowledge and dedication to the industry. I am shoehorning this system into my utility room. I think it is going to look pretty good.
    Thanks, Steve
  2. Bergy

    Bergy Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Are you saying there will be no grout?

  3. StevieB

    StevieB Member

    No, he will be using a bentonite grout mix, 20% if I remember correctly I was thinking about an enhanced grout for about $100 extra per hole. I just thought a few more feet would gain me just as much
  4. AMI Contracting

    AMI Contracting A nice Van Morrison song Industry Professional Forum Leader

    True Dat, both will gain you next to nothing to justify the expense.

    Your flow center already has valves in it with wich you can isolate pumps from loop field so yes- overkill.

    Many flow centers can be mounted sideways or upside down.

  5. waterpirate

    waterpirate Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Concur with the above.
    You need to grout to your locations standard. Grouting the entire bore hole is the accepted industry standard, highly reccomended. The only thing you have to not do with your flow center is mount it upside down on the vertical axis. Pay attention to flow in and flow out and the in and out on your unit in regard to your flow center. Easy peasy.
  6. StevieB

    StevieB Member

    I never intended to not grout the hole. There just seemed to be choices as to the composition of the grout. The driller will grout to local standard.
    Would an extra 90 at the flow center and the unit be a problem? I sure wouldn't think so. There will only be four 90s in the entire system, two at the unit, and two at the flow center.
    Thanks to every one who has had input. I think I have read the entire site. First by topic then by date. It is all good. I just wish I could get more people to consider the geo system. I do have one child that may go Geo when the present unit fails.
    Again thanks,
  7. waterpirate

    waterpirate Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I am sure that the driller will grout, just pointing out some facts. Thermally enhanced grout will improve efficiency mathematically, it's true value on a residential job is what is in question, it is not magic. There are friction loss charts available on the web ad nauseam. Check one out and see how much or how little the fittings in your project impact the feet of head needed to meet the circulation requirements of your project. The short answer is it prolly won't matter a bit.
  8. Bergy

    Bergy Member Industry Professional Forum Leader


    We almost always bring the loop connection into the top of the flow center. We mainly do this because of the limited length of the hose kit.

  9. Palace GeoThermal

    Palace GeoThermal Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    My software says that each 90 adds the equivalent length of 10 feet of pipe
  10. waterpirate

    waterpirate Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    @ Dwayne

    No fair you cheated! software:p

  11. Palace GeoThermal

    Palace GeoThermal Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    @ Eric,

    I am guilty as charged :D:D. How is business?
  12. waterpirate

    waterpirate Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Life here is good. The residential side of the business has expanded exponentially and I have qualified guys under me supporting the effort finaly. The commercial crew just got back from a road trip to Washington, NC. A hud housing project went geo. 100 units, 100 holes. The general on that project was a pill, but oh well. Locally we are about to start a 650 hole job for a new highschool. How are things with you?
  13. Palace GeoThermal

    Palace GeoThermal Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    to the OP...sorry to Hijack your thread.

    to Eric,

    we are on track to have our best year ever. Just finished drilling 68 loops for the Army at a local in the middle of nowhere base. Have more jobs lined up.
  14. StevieB

    StevieB Member

    No problem, I like shop talk.
    The driller comes on site in about a week. I will do the wiring this week and the preliminary duct work changes as well. This whole process is a pretty cool thing. A good friend of mine is in business as a residential installer and service man. He is interested in adding Geo to his offering. He is a good guy, fair prices, excellent work. He would be a credit to the industry. Any ideas as to a good way for him to get the right foundation to build on?
  15. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    He can start by....

    .....reading here. I would have him check out Idronics, by Caleffi. Idronics 9 is a must read for anyone here.
  16. StevieB

    StevieB Member

    coming together

    I have got things coming together. The borehole is complete. 300'. I am told it is a good clean hole. Couldn't ask for more. It will be grouted tomorrow. I have air moving, albeit not down the trunk. Maybe early next week water will flow. Then I can take my package unit off line and bring the geo unit on line.
    I was told there is maybe a 200' column of water. Is this good? Does it make any difference?
    I will update next week.

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