New Hydron Module Install in Reisterstown, MD

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    Here is our story about the Hydron Module install at our house. We recently installed a closed-loop, 5-ton Hydron Module Split unit [H062C11---NB] with De-Superheater and zoned the system in 3-zones aided by a Zonex Kit. AirHandler was a "Hydron Module MPD Series DX Multi-Position Air Handler [MPD060A1MM1SH]". We live in a 1970's built Rancher house about 2500 sq.ft(on 1st floor) with a semi-finished full basement (another 2500sq.ft). We currently have oil-fired Buderus boiler that was newly installed in Jan 2007 and have (now replaced the) 2 separate outdoor AC units for different parts of the house. The 2 air handlers for these ACs were in Attic. With this geothermal unit install, Buderus boiler will act back-up, incase if we need it.

    Our initial plan was to drill 3X250foot wells but while drilling the first well, we noticed the soft-soil and the amount of well-casing (120foot/well) needed on each well; we shifted gears. Then we drilled 2 wells with 375feet depth on each. Ethanol based anti-freeze was used to charge the loops. An Expansion Tank was installed near the Grundfos flowcenter to aid with Pressure drops at varying seasons.

    We decided to leverage the existing duct-work throughout the Rancher House and co-join the main trunks of 2 old AC-AirHandlers to make one main supply trunk for the air-handler. Every bedroom and common areas (Kitchen/Family/Living) needed a new [metal] "return" to aid the air circulation. LH and RH sections of first floor are on 2 separate zones/thermostats and Basement is on its own 1 zone. Basement is slightly under sized, since we do not use it a lot and we might even keep that zone turned-off or at a much milder temperature.

    I had to research a lot of information over last few months; before I arrived at decision of Hydron Module and Zoning design decision. Thanks to this forum and others - I read a lot of posts, youtube'ed a lot, literally read install guides of many models to research stuff. To re-validate my decision, infact I called up Mr Dewayne Dean("PalaceGeo" here) one morning and spoke with him (Thanks Dewayne for re-assuring me for HM decision). I also took at lot of local estimates here and few were honest bids and many others were run-of-the-mill CM or WF units sandwiched for a normal house with no consideration to my needs/wants. And then there were a few others, which were downright distasteful rip-offs - highlighting solely how Federal tax credits are going to help me - while all along I knew that those companies were pure scam artists trying to line up their pockets.

    Hydron Module [HM] seems to be a very fine, well-built unit. I paid a visit to the HM distributor and saw the various units in his warehouse. I was just not comfortable in making a final decision without physically looking at unit first. Spring weather played a lot of spoil sport on me and tested my patience since every time we would get wells going at drilling, it would rain; bringing everything to a halt for days. My HVAC/Geothermal Contractor was extremely diligent, experienced and paced his way thru some unique issues that arose with Zoning design. I was impressed with his professionalism, intellect and desire to adapt himself with varying schedules on job. All-in-all a trying finish to a long costly project but I'm so glad its over.

    I had a brief taste of how Geothermal is effective yesterday. House was at Cool, 68 degrees and we switched to Heat mode (for testing)to 75 degrees and the house/thermostat literally started to show the increasing temperature relatively quickly and the whole house came to 75 degrees in about 30-40mins. I truly understood then the important of local returns, cycling the air from all areas for improved efficiency.

    With the way oil prices are at $4+/gallon, I plan to recoup my investment in another 5-7yrs approximately (after credits). I paid about 10k for equipment including the Zonex Kit, around 12-13k for Wells including drilling/casing/grouting/manifold-work/anti-freeze charging/etc and about 8-10k for duct-work labor&material. So the system is clocking my bank around 33-35k tops.

    By doing some monkey-testing [heating/cooling] house, I can't be impressed more with some finer design principles of GeoThermal and how effectively the temperature rises and holds up by design of good localized returns, duct design/sizing/locations, etc. One has to have dedicated returns for their bedrooms, common areas[kitchen/foyer/living/family room/etc] as the situation allows - that is really the key to "holding-up" the temperature and cycling air.

    One needs to be good student to learn and he will surely find a teacher(here) for sure. I highly encourage anyone&everyone to learn and soak the information here. One does not have to get ripped off to just heat your house. I'm frankly a poor person to barely afford GEO without pulling a 2nd mortgage on my house, so I was very frugal. I have lived thru the misery of oil trucks pulling up the driveway and filling tank after tank on cold winter mornings (despite of having a stellar boiler) and picturing bank account (balance) in back of your mind. I know a lot poor people who get broke(and evicted) over winter heating bills. I wholly believe that many people should embrace GeoThermal technology, since it does a lot of good domestically(heat/cool/hot-water) and is so environment friendly and one does not incur a bank breaking recurring expense all the time (as is normal with traditional HVAC/Furnace equipments).

    I will still be testing this unit for months to come and put thru its paces, but thought I share my experience with everyone and pay forward my dues also. I have a lot of respect for people here and the information that I gleaned over here and few other places over the last few months.

    You guys ROCK !
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    I am pleased

    That you are happy.

    What you payed is about what I charge, and the way we do things.
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    I live in Glen Arm, MD and am in the process of getting quotes on a geothermal system. Just heard about Hydron Module also. Would you mind emailing me your installer contact info?

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    I'm at mclean, VA and want to use Hydron Module unit based on my research and learning here. Would you like to share with me your installer contact info?


    Keming mo ( ​

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