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  1. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I do not think variable refrigerant flow is a good idea for ground source heat pumps.

    I think it is a because we can idea.. Show me real numbers.

  2. It is fabulous technology. This is where all GSHP and air to air is headed. It only makes sense in today's time with tighter homes and higher demands foe energy savings. No other way to get there.
  3. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I have spent 35 plus years trying to keep the latest and greatest ideas up and running. I love enthusiastic sales folks, only if they know how what they are selling is supposed to work. If they do not know that, how can they help the field tech fix their blue sky moment when it is broken?

    I think we should let homes and humans breath fresh air.
  4. WOW
    You don't even know who I am and you claim to nail me down as an unknowledgable salesman. When in fact I speak out of pure experience. No matter what my company does whether it is ground breaking geothermal distilleries to foam insulation to innovative design in air distribution.
    I design, engineer, sell, manufacture, install, service whatever the case may be.
    So before you label people out of pure spite because of their accomplishments before you know them truly shows who you are.
    Who cares your opinion.
    I am saving more real money in savings than you could only dream of in your 35 years. I have only been doing this for 25 plus years.
    But I am a mere salesman that knows nothing.
    I was only trying to help the guy to make the right decision
    Do yourself and others a favor before you put your foot in your mouth check out the following
    There's your proof
  5. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    No bad for someone who cannot know what Mark dreams of.

    While I share your enthusiasm for variable speed/capacity technology and foam insulation, your comments here somehow disqualify you as someone with in depth knowledge.
    May be you can also elaborate why the WF 7 series doesn't come close to the CM trilogy, and how you can sell the 7 series if you are not listed as a WF dealer? Maybe the Geostar product through the supply houses? You also claimed here before that you can make 190F water with geo heat pumps and save your customers a lot of money that way. You have failed so far to show us here with what kind of design and equipment you can achieve that.

    So in summary: Many out of this world claims, not much substance.
    We are waiting for the evidence for your claims, something more substantial than a link to your website, which is full of overstatements as well, IMHO disqualifying you as someone with geothermal expertise.
  6. doc jenser,
    I am disqualified as and expert. Thats shows me the real depth of who we are dealing with here.
    I am not here to discredit anyone here.
    And unlike you I sell every premium product that every manufacturer offers.
    If you know so much about these machine than you would understand that the Waterfurnace variable capacity 7 series unit is not a 45 EER rated machine. It also wasn't rated the most energy efficient machine on the planet rated by AHRI, You also would understand that the Trilogy is the only variable capacity machine with on demand hot water system, not just another desuperheater like the dark side offers, they are the only manufacturer with the only communicating hot water heater, You would also understand that the 7 series fan cooling unit for the inverter board is having issues of overheating and causing the inverter boards to go. You would also understand that the Trilogy offers an actual refrigeration cooling circuit to act as the heat sink to their inverter board with a much better design and functionality with rare failures. So let me state it for you again for you to research and know your products before you come one here and trying to discredit my knowledge and experience and knowledge in this industry based off of your idea that you all are GODS on here and how dare anyone else that may know something come on here and give us proven methods
    I never claimed my GEO to provide all of the 190 degree hot water. That is you putting words in my mouth. My GEO's provide a majority of the hot water that is then assisted by the steam jacketed hot water tank. That is very complicated isnt it. That is so complicated that it disqualifies me as an expert.
    We are a GEOSTAR dealer as well as BOSCH FYI.
    If your such a hard headed idiot as in you still don't believe in anything I am saying then please PM me and I would be happy to give you a personal tour of the most energy efficient distillery in the world located right here in AFTON Virginia.
    In fact it is the only functioning Geothermal Distillery in the country right now so you will need to travel to Virginia to see this marvel and to get the personal onsite tour to see first hand.
    In fact I can schedule that right now for you
    Just let me know the date.
    Heck I might even be able to sell you one!

    I truly hope you have a great day
  7. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I am not sure if profanity will give you more respect here. I'll leave it up to the moderators here to act....
  8. Sorry but when the shoe fits we must wear it. So please stop instigating people new to the forum. Please treat people with respect and you will get it back in return.
  9. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I do treat people with respect when they contribute with substance, but I do disrespect people who make loft claims without any supportive evidence. One example here is your notion that the Trilogy blows the WF7series out of the water.
    The 7 series is more optimized for heating and performs more efficient in heating mode, while the Trilogy is more optimized for cooling and has a slightly higher EER. It is more a corporate decision what market you are targeting, that does not make one box worse or better than the other.
    WF has put a lot of features into the Trilogy, including dedicated hot water and built in pump, at the price of added complexity. WF is making the synergy model, also with a dedicated hot water circuit, also with added complexity. I prefer models with 1 instead of 2 reversing valves, and I also prefer none pressurized external flow center. And no overheating inverter boards in our 7 series installs.
    Just because one can cramp everything into a tight box does not make the box or system better.
    Maybe you find that out some day.
  10. Lets see,
    Your claim that one machine is designed to one condition versus the other is a marketing term that WFI has trained you guys to say because your product simply is nothing more than a hog with more lip stick on it. They didn't design the premium product and the fact your that stupid speaks volumes of how hard headed you are to discredit such an innovative great product just because your or you company or your products are not the leaders.
    Your a joke.
  11. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Na, WF has a higher COP in heating, while CM has a higher ERR in cooling. It is a fact. It does not come from WF. Look up the numbers. Never discredited the CM product. The rest of your comments, including your tone, I leave for others to judge.
  12. JohnPA

    JohnPA New Member

    I just wanted to give an update I went with a 4 ton Geostar Sycamore with the advanced controls and performance monitoring with 4 zones controlled with the Intelli zone 2 system. The loop is vertical loop with (2) 375' deep wells with 1.25' pipe grouted. I ended up using 3 contractors one did the duct work, one to install the system and a 3rd to drill the wells. This greatly reduced the cost and allowed me to go with the Sycamore(7 series) and stay under budget. The system is working great and my electric bills are lower then I expected. I did install more insulation in the non cathedral ceiling space but choose not to spray foam.
  13. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Good to hear. Thanks for the update.

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