Wisconsin new geo system sizing plan and help

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  1. Alex1990

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    thank you very very much!!!! that does make alot more sence now! still be same size pump in this case. but it will berrly have to work. thank you so much for explain that. the gears a re turning and it makes sence.
  2. docjenser

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    The pump works pretty much the same if it is a constant speed pump, like a single 26-99, and uses almost the same energy wether you have a high or low pressure drop. But a low pressure drop design might enable you to select a smaller, more energy efficient pump.

    Having said that, you might also to spend the extra money to install a variable speed pump and dial in the lowest pumping power needed.

    In your case, if you go with 1.5" pipe, you still get close to 9 gpm with a single 1800' circuit with a single 26-99. But with 1.25" pipe, now your pressure drop doubles. It is not OK anymore, in contrast to what you stated before.
    However, with 3 circuits of 1", you are back in business.
  3. Alex1990

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    well ive given it alot of thaught and worked out some numbers. i think ill got with a 4 loop system straight runs. the pump i got picked if a grufos 240v cant rember all the specs but it single speed. and max head is 3 or 4 ft over what system should require. the loops would be fed by a 1.5 in main suply and return. the real humdiner is the pipe i picked only has pressure rating of 100 psi and the pump max psi is 145.. sdr 11 type. hadent thaught of pump pressure till now.
  4. urthbuoy

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    You will not be operating your system at those pressures, so it is not an issue.

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