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    So I have decided to go with geo again. My current system was a 3 ton open loop Hydro heat. I have a 33,000 btu gas fireplace that will keep the house at 65 in cold winter days as we had a power outage a few years back, so no heat strip needed. I had dedicated hot water but bought a Geospring hybrid water heater so not sure a desuperheater is a good choice in this new unit. I was curious about the COP ratings. I did get a quote on Climate master and the price is just over $2000 difference for the tranquility 22 to the 30. Cop just over (4 for the 22) and just over( 5 for the 30.) Will I get enough savings to recoup that $2000 or not. I have read and heard Climate master, and Water furnace are top brands. All brands are on the table. I like it to be cheaper to repair after the warranty goes off. I read Bard has cheaper solenoids to operate their furnace instead of expensive computer boards so that is a top choice for me also. KWH got as high as 2700 this winter but Freon was leaking out and had a bad connection on a breaker going bad, also would have contributed to this.
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    Nowhere near enough hard data for us to be able to properly advise
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    First thing to start with is a manual J load calc. From that we can size system. A little auxiliary is often cheaper than a larger geo, so with the help of computer modeling we can see if 2 tons costs less to run particularly if you have improved the homes tightness since the old unit was installed.
    The higher COP has a long payback horizon if you are paying anything south of 20 cents/kwh. If you intend to do this yourself you would likely want to purchase the CM service tool with the 22 or 30.
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    What happens if you take some time away in the winter and the compressor stops running? A small price to pay for strip heat when needed.

  5. Peterson

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    My fireplace is set to warm the basement at night. (where we live at night). Even if all else fails I still have heat.
  6. Peterson

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    I have a 28 x 48 ranch with walkout basement w/2x6 walls batt insulation and 18" in the ceiling. Larger Anderson windows to the south and smaller elsewhere. I will look for a load calc and see if I can figure this out for you guys. Thanks
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    Is a 2 stage the way to go? with 3 ton max What would the smaller compressor rate be? 2 ton? and would it be as efficient as a 2 ton 1 stage?
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    2 stage tends to save lots of water on open loop and associated pumping cost. For $50 you can get a temp license for HVAC Calc. There is also freeware.
  9. VARIABLE 3 Staging Geothermal too:faster sizing

    GT Peterson Retrofit:

    Glad you asked, and you may decide if a little too late:
    2013 Q's for buying-RETROFIT to EXISTING OPEN WELL GT

    GT but even going to come with a DeSuperheater set up for EnergyStar(tm) tax-credit. -still required, I believe.

    Specialty Full Condensing HW wont apply in On-Demand from the GT (just so you know : 100% reclaim in Cooling and Priority has been around working very well since 1981) if you keep existing, perhaps. might want to see at or hydron or WF

    ~~~~~~~Q's) do a quick heat load study, real time:
    When did your normally-operating GT stop keeping up with the desired comfort ALONE with strip heaters off/// or just the strip heaters on? 7degF 5? 3? -5? Can you depend on your answer (tell yourself).

    A gas heating as described could be off over 5000 btuh's for some analysis to coincide with estimating a heat loading at a particular ambient condition, so without a pro- study, I would not go by that alone.

    Do you REM any dark nights at zero outside (zone in the north?) a little windy and GT alone keeping up 24/7?
    3-Ton(HydHt) before Variables, usually has a smaller compressor inside (put in 12 hd-ht, repaired 8, all OEM pieces failures) If it is only a 2.1/2ton compressor inside ~ 32000 to 34000 real heating btuh, clean waterside coil/HX in the unit, then you can stick that KNOWN btuh output point on a graph and get real close to the "study".

    If you FEEL you always depended on too much supplemental heat at 5 above (again like Northern Oh, many just don't want supplemental until below 5 above)-
    ---may already point to a 4 ton variable, about $250 difference after credits, if you qualify! WF:46,000 HYDRO-TEMP (AR) (not h-heat-delta) WF 46,000 BtuH; Hydro-Temp of 1978-(AR): 49,000 Bristol V-Star outputs (that is NOT hyd-heat/delta co you have mentioned)
    a 2.1/2; a 4.0; and a 6 Variable Iq TONS (actual compressor inside) SEE 3rd Party rated EnergyStar(tm):

    Did you see the available Variable 3rd Party rated ahri raw data- EER's 42.1 ?
    and ETL current listings EnergyStar(tm)? EER's 30.8 - 31+ ( Hydro-Temp, AR; WF, respectively)
    at how the blended-HIGH-SPEED (fewer running hours mode) rates.

    ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2013: Geothermal Heat Pumps : ENERGY STAR
    Programmable and settable to modify to match your air flow/comfort near perfection in LOAD MATCHING.
    You do not really want more than any 4 air-changes (home volumes) per hour through the System but usually not less than 3 for some corner to corner comfort: Air flows are programmable (Hydro-Temp is IRD Wireless to a 4zn board /can run 340 heating to 360 CFM/cooling per ton) [[that is like past rated 3 ton at 325- 345cfm/rated-'ton', to accurately compare, like at Shine GT does discuss]]

    ~ couple of hundred bucks or so more than a 2.1/.2 ton, briefly requiring as little as 2 gpm/ well supply more; etc etc.. (can QUICKLY calculate different options) comparing to maybe no back-up required through 95% design average coldest (ever) winters versus any supplement adders in winter usage, can simply be ascertained.

    There is a paradime shift in design building seeing performance guaranteed in a competitor's contract over those usually picking off a 2.1/2 or 3 or 3.1/2 ton sizing with you... when there has not been one's having some real 3-Staging experience, ~ like any current Variable system.
    Some, have had zone boards built inside.~with already the demand HW controller in it d)

    Varaible or compressors combinations? + 4th stg supplemental?

    CuNi heat exchanger needed (water quality testing)?

    Belimo SS or other water control valve (and will cycle much more with Heat-RECLAIM-HW in Cooling mode)?

    Programmable (settable) air flow range?

    Zone board built inside?

    Does the new compare to old BtuH out put? How so? 10KW Supplemental? 5KW? WHY?

    A relatively new well-water GT experienced contractor can have just a few open loop experiences and be walked through ANY Q that arrives with a qualified technical staff that proficient OEMS have 24/7 even emergency, & free phone helps.

    What does the additional 5yr over first 5 yr warranty really pan out to (OEM Hydro-Temp has replaced whole units 18 months out of warranties, though only 5 yr compressor, 1yr parts). Available in ~5 weeks to date, ask really when delivery is likely, and ask for references to such openly.
    Variables have been tested over 6 years and a few years already commercially on line.

    Ask some replacement cost issues: a 2 speed compressor may fit for the ~ non zone board and consumers best buy!

    go back to Joe's punch list on Q's if just a standard GT.

    Would you get a new reservoir HW tank installed in the GT contract, buffering a DeSuperheater HW generator to the existing?
    How could that affect a short cycle in series (of the Hybrid) or something?
    Oversize if going multistage. more with Variable.
    IS the return air system duct-work adequate? Supply? (more on zoning)

    TEST the WELL, well!
    24 hours is not enough in many cases, as reservoirs can drop a 10 gpm test to finding 3 gpm feeds on a morning of a third day. Few drillers in NE Ohio believed this until it was just evident. 15 gpm dropped to 5 in 3.1/2days!
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  10. Peterson

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    I just ordered my GT furnace today. I have a reliable contractor. I bought a 3T 2 stage climatemaster 22 w/out hw or heat strips. My gas fireplace will work without power so that is even better than a heat strip. The hybrid cost less than $200 a year to operate so saving about $50 a year for a hw system could take a long time to pay off. The difference in efficiencies amounted to $130 a year making the climatemaster 30 for $2000 more, about a 12.5 year pay off. I will use a small circulating pump to keep my 5-6 gpm. I have lived here 35 years and my flowing well still runs 60-80 gpm

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