New construction in CT and the quotes are too high

Discussion in 'Quotes and Proposals' started by Amit, Oct 2, 2013.

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    We did a bit of work today on a system that we have worked for 6 years. Nothing is ever completed.

    Widemouth can do as he wishes.

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    "Though I have only run a small business once in my life one thing I never did was tell my customer about my overhead and how much I must charge needs to be inflated because of it."
    No you simply charged enough to cover your overhead (or you ran it bankrupt). Duh.

    Every contractor here gives hundreds of hours to attempt to advise geo owner's and for this you decide to revive an old thread to criticize our candid discussion of what goes in to cost. To the comment that price was high, I asked based on what. While 58k might be for the area, 30K might not be. How would I know? When asked how one finds out cost, I explained the contributors. I also answered several other questions.

    You linger on a quote that I presume OP didn't take....because he was able to shop around and find a better price.
    Contractors here are on record installing systems at less than $7,000/ton with DSH. What did we do to earn your wrath? You chose short hand foul language to criticize my comments in particular.

    "Many replies on here are from GEO installers that love the gravy train they are riding. It is hogwash."

    Obviously you have an axe to grind, but you are accusing consumer advocates of gouging. Take it to the website of the one who is gouging, A-Hole (oops short hand foul language).
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    This is usually how a "Need some help with my geosystem" post here starts.

    As a consumer you have a choice, either you appreciate the quality of the design and installation and are willing to pay for the know how and expertise of the installer (which took time, effort and money on his side to gather), or you are a wonderful customer for their competitor.
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