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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mikeweber3, Apr 13, 2009.

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    We like to always use 2 water heaters on our residential Geothermal installations. One with the heating elements hooked up to the purchaced energy source and one hooked only to the desuperheater. Since the new stimulus bill we are getting a lot of remodle opportunities. I want to find a good low boy electric water heater that I can stack 2 high to replace the old gas water heater in the same footprint.

    Can someone give me a brand and model of a good reasonably priced stackable 35+ gallon electric water heater?


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    We've done some nice installs where the builder put a shelf in the mechanical room to get the buffer and dhw tanks off the floor. Maybe you could do something like that, or build a stand of some sort.
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    oops,didn't answer question

    We used "Space Saver" (GSW/John Wood) tanks in that application.
  4. mikeweber3

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    Bump to top.

    I'm still looking. :( Anyone use one they can recommend?
  5. Richard A. Duncan

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    Please go for the tankless water heater as they are energy efficient and environment friendly. U don't have to wait for hours to use them like previous water heaters.
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