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  1. jtp

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    Hi, I’m kind of new to geothermal and am building a 3800 square foot home in CT (living space) not including garage or basement. Calculations come out to 74302 heating load and cooling load is 38140. I have been quoted by two different companies. One states that a 5 ton unit is more than enough and the other is telling me that I need 6 tons and that a 5 ton will not be able to heat the house efficiently. I really want to get the sizing right after researching issues on systems that are too small or too large. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Both are similar in price at approx 47K. Thanks for the help.
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    Have you seen the actual load calculations from each of the two companies you are dealing with? Also, what type (brand not required) of equipment are they proposing? Meaning one stage, two stage, etc. Is this going to be multi-story house? My advice, try another 3rd contractor with a minimum of five years experience in geothermal work in the area of where the new house is to be.
  3. AMI Contracting

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    First try to bring the load down further.
    Without running the numbers I suspect the 5 is fine.
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    Other company load calcs were lower with heat around 68k and cooling at 33k. Both are single pump systems in basement. hydron module 5 ton hxt or 6 ton comfort aire. I believe hydron would be the better unit and am not really familiar with comfort aire. The house is a colonial 2 stories plus basement, good amount of windows (marvin) Thanks.
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    Hard to imagine that a 2 story new built code minimum house with 3800 sqf (over 2 floors) in CT needs more than 60,000 BTUs.....All things being equal I would prefer the Hydron, having put in many Comfort air and Climatemasters, but installer/designer skills are first priority.
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  6. ACES-Energy

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    HYDRON MODULE assuming contractor is good and knows what they are doing!
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  8. trade guy

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    I'm pretty much in agreement with the other members posts that the 5 ton should be right and the Hydron is the better choice.
  9. AMI Contracting

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    As I said, try to bring the load down, it's quite possible with a little improvement to the structure you could make a 4 ton work.
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    Big house, you must be a breeder. :D
    The fan performance and a good duct design is just as important in a large house, most good HP's are 2 stg now so capacity is a more flexable issue now.

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