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    Hello. We purchased a house with geothermal already installed and I have a couple of questions. First let me tell you our set up. We have two units, downstairs (5 ton)/upstairs (4 ton). The downstairs has a dehumidifier hooked up to it. I had been turning it way up during the day (78°) and down at night (74°). I just learned that you shouldn't do that with geothermal so now I'm trying to "set it, forget it". Tough to break old habits.

    So my questions are:
    We live on the east coast. If I keep it at 74° the whole day it gets freezing in here but keeps the humidity levels upstairs manageable. The downstairs has very dry air but the upstairs does not. Is 74° to cold to keep it when the temps are 95° outside energy cost wise? The hvac guy told me with geothermal it didn't matter cost wise if you had it on 85° or 60°. To run it what you wanted. Is this true? Thank you for your time!
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    Of course it matters. The colder you run it the more energy you need. Geo might be the cheapest way to heat or cool your house, but it is not free.
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    Holy crap that's some funny stuff. I hope you asked him what he was smoking.

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