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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Daniel Rich, May 17, 2018.

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    Hi you all. I'm Dan and I own a church camp right off the north Platte river. We have many buildings to heat and cool and it would drive operating cost high. We are not affiliated with any church and are trying to rebuild and run the camp ourselves through suport from sponsors. So we are on small budget. Here is what I have. I installed a 86,400 BTU water to air exchanger in my ducts. The size of my furnace which is sized for the dorm building I am working on is an 80000 but gas furnace. Since I am so close to the river I find water a 5ft. My thoughts where to use a closed loop system run a trench 6ft deep and bury my pipe. And just circulate it through my water to air exchanger. My question. Is can I use Polly pipe or do I use pvc. And what size my exchanger has 1 inch ports. And how much ft of pipe do I need buried. Can I put the supply and the return in the same trench or do I need to space them out and how far.
    Question 2 is a pump and dump system how does that work. Do you use a leach field to return it. And would I benefit better with it since my water table is so shallow?
    Thanks for your thought and opinions and if you are looking for an opportunity to serve by bringing a crew to central Nebraska to help us revive our camp let me know the work ahead of my wife and I is over whelming. Lol.
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    What are you trying to accomplish with this closed loop system? Cooling? De-humidification? It would take thousands of feet of loop pipe in the ground to accomplish any measurable amount of cooling and the ground temperature isn't cold enough to provide any meaningful de-humidification. The problem is that you don't have enough differential temperature involved in this setup to be able to move much heat at reasonable water flow or air flow rates.
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    I suggest you do some research first...

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